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The Queen and the Press in Platinum Jubilee Year

It seems that at one and the same time we all feel we know the Queen and yet we still wonder about so much. What does she – or did she – really think about her various Prime Ministers? How does she – or did she – get on with her various in-law children? Does she really enjoy all the formalities which are so much part of her life? These are – and will remain – unanswered questions, but we surely know enough for us to be grateful for the journalists and others who over the years have shown us a woman admired, respected and loved throughout the world.


A former Private Secretary to the Queen once said, not entirely in jest, that such was the Queen’s personal stature that she could pay a visit to a country with which Britain was at war and still receive a genuinely affectionate welcome!

Well, whatever the truth of that conjecture, what is undoubtedly the case is that as the Queen celebrates her Platinum jubilee, she can look back on the kind of press any politician would kill for. Of course there have been exceptions, but overall the Queen has received very little seriously adverse criticism. And when the millions of words that have been written and spoken about her are taken into account, that is truly remarkable. Also, truly deserved.

All things considered, the Queen and the press have got on remarkably well over these very many years. The latter will certainly and collectively be wishing Her Majesty a very happy Platinum Jubilee indeed ■

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