The Power of Sleep

We need sleep to maintain our wellbeing. If we do not have a regular good night’s sleep, the NHS warn that it could lead to obesity, heart disease or diabetes. Improving the way you sleep will develop your wellbeing and help you avoid any unwanted health issues.

The restorative qualities of a good night’s sleep are well known. Not only does sleep deprivation have a major impact on cognitive functioning, it can seriously affect emotional and physical health.

As a general rule, if you wake up tired and spend the day longing for a chance to have a nap, it’s likely that you’re not getting enough sleep.

There are however, many ways to improve sleep quality. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are essential. Curbing caffeine intake and avoiding daytime napping are advisable, as is de-stressing before sleep and making the bedroom a sleep friendly, quiet, and dark place.

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Scientists have found a direct link between anxiety and stress and rhythm of sleep. Not properly dealing with anxiety or stress may lead to insomnia and other sleep problems. Being unable to get to sleep may then cause further stress.

Another way to improve your quality of sleep is by changing your mattress. The Sleep Council recommend changing a mattress every eight years. An old, saggy mattress creates pressure points, disturbing sleep which the unconscious body tries to solve by tossing and turning.

In the past a very firm mattress was considered best for back health. Now medical professionals say a medium-firm mattress may be the best mattress for back pain. One study published in the Lancet, demonstrated that a new medium-firm mattress relieved chronic low back pain better than a new firm mattress.

Mouletec mattresses use an innovative technology created by Terry Moule; a well-known back care specialist. Special pressure mapping equipment has been used to develop a unique production process. The outcome is a lightweight, medium firm mattress that offers extra comfort as well as back support. 

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The company also complies with the best buy rules of WHICH? who look for best buy mattresses by asking how well a mattress supports the back, how durable it is, how easy it is to move and turn, how much it moves when the sleeping partner moves, and how much it gets soggy with sweat.

Mouletec Technical Director, Neal Marshall, says ‘In our development we made sure we tick all these best buy boxes. We pride ourselves on offering a mattress that delivers comfort, hygiene, durability and simplicity.’
‘We have spent a considerable amount of time developing our mattresses. Our advanced engineering design team have arrived at the best mattress for delivering the best mattress on the market for back pain.’

Enjoy a quality night’s sleep with Mouletec Mattresses, the back care comfort specialists. Now available to readers with a 25 % discount, plus FREE cervical pillows and a 100-day trial Money Back Guarantee.  To get this offer visit and enter CEL0516 in the discount box.

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