The Perfect Pout

Hailed as the standout cosmetic procedures in 2017 thanks to celebrity endorsement, lip enhancements have never been safer, more affordable or accessible.

Cosmetic procedures—both invasive and non-surgical—have seen a considerable rise in popularity in recent years, but having plump lips is hands-down the ultimate trend. It’s no secret that lips thin and lose their colour as we age; this is simply due to the natural decline in our body’s production of collagen. 

Plump lips never go out of style; they are a sign of beauty, good health and youth. So, whether you’re considering a lift, injection, implant, vermillion advancement or permanent makeup, there are various lip enhancement options available to consumers. Read on for a breakdown of all you need to know about achieving the perfect pout through various cosmetic procedures. 

Lip injections

 Using a natural—or synthetic—biocompatible substance that acts as a fat substitute, fillers are temporary solutions to lip enhancement. Although one round of treatment is enough to produce the desired result, regular sittings every six to eight months will be needed to maintain plumper lips. This route also offers potential reversibility. 

Fat transfer

Fat from the patient’s own body—autologous fat—is taken via liposuction from the hips or abdomen and injected into the lips. With this route, patients may need more than one sitting to achieve the desired result. A major advantage of this procedure is that the substance being injected comes from the patient’s own body, lowering the risk of an extrusion.

Lip implant

Implants are inserted into the lips through very small incisions done inside the corners of the mouth. Much like with fillers, there are both natural and synthetic implant options available. When considering this route, patients should keep in mind that—in some cases—implants can have a high incidence of infection and extrusion. 

Vermillion advancement

Perhaps one of the more invasive forms of lip enhancement procedures, vermillion advancement consists in increasing the area of the lips. This is done by making a small incision along the edge of the lip vermillion, removing a strip of skin outside the border and pulling it—effectively ‘stretching’ the skin to achieve a fuller smile. 

Lip lift

Much like a facelift, a lip lift removes extra skin. This is done by making an incision right under the nose and shortening the skin to elevate the lips. There are small sutures involved with this procedure—they are removed after four or five days. 

Permanent makeup

Using tattoo techniques to enhance features that are not pronounced—like the lip outline—this non-surgical lip enhancement technique is most suitable for those who want a permanent solution without the need for surgery. Patients will be able to customise results for their skin tone and colouring while enjoying a very short recovery period. 


Surgical lip enhancement will be carried out in a hospital, ambulatory facility or specialised surgical suite, will involve some preparation and take anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours to complete. General anaesthetic is also commonly used. After procedures, patients may experience swelling, bruising and mild to moderate pain. It is strongly advised to follow all patient care instructions and attend follow up appointments. Non-surgical treatments, on the other hand, can be performed in a day clinic in under an hour with very little preparation. The recovery period is minimal; patients may experience mild bruising or swelling. Talk to your surgeon or practitioner about your options, they will be able to advise the best procedure for you.

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