The Modern Approach to Shifting Your Things

There’s an online revolution in the way you can organise your household moving services. The experts from Shift Online explain all

What’s the concept of Shift Online’s services?

Shift is an online moving marketplace, with 1000s of Shifters based across the country. You can book a local Shifter at any time through Shift, to help you move home or even that old sofa you have been looking to throw out.

What information do I need to provide for each job?

To book a Shift, all you need to do is enter your pick up and drop off addresses, as well as what you are moving; and away you go! No need for lengthy processes and home surveying, that’s a thing of the past.

How many quotes am I likely to get? How long does it take?

When you complete our booking process you will get just one quote! We instantly find you the best price and the best Shifter in your area.

Do I pay for a quote? Is the moving price fixed?

With Shift, all quotes are free! So no need to panic there. In terms of pricing, our system picks the best price and driver for you. You will receive one price, however it can change depending on the available Shifters and what you are moving.

Do I need to pack items myself?

You will need to pack your items ready for the big day, however our Shifter will do the rest. They will move your big and bulky items into their van and take it from A to B.

How does Shift find the right deliverers?

When you book with Shift, you are booking an expert Shifter. Anyone can be a Shifter, however we ensure that all drivers on our platform are fully vetted and have the correct insurance.

Can I get absolutely anything moved?

We move absolutely anything! From full house moves all the way to that hot tub you found on Gumtree. From the everyday, to the downright wacky; we can move it all.

Can Shift also organise delivery from online marketplace buys?

Yes! Shift is the perfect platform to help you get things delivered from Gumtree, eBay, Shpock, and even the Facebook Marketplace. Simply put in your pick up and drop off address, and one of our local Shifters will do the rest. We are perfect if you want someone to pick up that free bunk bed you saw on Facebook.

Does Shift offer a storage service?

With Shift you can move anything, anywhere. Even to storage!

Where do I find out more about Shift Online?

Simply visit our website at and you will be able to find out more and even book a Shift service. You can even get 20% off when use the code HOME22.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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