The Inbetweeners’ fans flood to Malia

Following the release of The Inbetweeners Movie, there has been a dramatic increase in searches for clubbing holidays to Malia

In the finale of the E4 sitcom, characters Will, Neil, Simon and Jay head off to the popular partying resort in Crete to celebrate finishing school.

Club 18-30, the youth brand that arranges trips to Malia, expects the destination to set a travel trends for 2012.

Russell Whitton, Club 18-30’s trading manager, said, ‘Early indications show more interest than ever before for Malia since The Inbetweeners Movie was released last week.’

He added, ‘Whilst it’s only been a few days since the film’s release, it is a positive sign that Malia will be the place to go in 2012 for young holiday makers.’

Malia has always proved to be a popular destination for party seekers, with its abundance of clubs, that feature big name DJs, trendy bars and sandy beaches. However, after featuring in the film, the coastal town’s popularity is predicted to sky-rocket.

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