The Hot Questions About Wood Burners

Thinking of going for a wood burner for your home? There are lot of questions about the right fuel to burn and the regulations involved. The experts from Certainly Wood look at the hot topics

What regulations control the type of fuel used in wood burners?

Firstly, just to clarify, you can either purchase a multi-fuel stove or a wood burning only stove. The former can use smokeless fuel or wood. In a smokeless zone (mainly larger cities) you are only able to use smokeless fuels unless you use a stove which is classed as a ‘DEFRA Exempt’ appliance or it complies with the clearSkies Level 2 and above in which case you can legally burn logs. In May 2021 new legislation came into force whereby it is against the law for anyone to sell firewood that is not dried to below 20% moisture content and approved under the Woodsure Ready to Burn Scheme. Officially you are not permitted to burn wood which is not reaching this standard, although you can dry your own wood.

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What are the advantages of kiln dried logs?

Kiln dried logs provide a consistent quality firewood and should be dried to between 10-20% moisture content, although the only guarantee of this standard is the ‘Ready to Burn’ approval which should be on the packaging or provided by your supplier. Ultimately these dry logs provide a cleaner burn with less smoke and therefore fewer particulate emissions. They also provide a far more efficient burn, with greater heat output, particularly in a modern Ecodesign stove. As a consequence, you will therefore use less fuel which saves you money.

How are Certainly Wood’s kiln dried logs delivered?

Either in large bulk bags or in small bags stacked on a pallet, or you can buy in small quantities from any of our stockists across the UK.

If you live locally and within a 40 miles radius of our base in Hereford you can have 1.2m3 bulk bags delivered with our own crane lorries which can even drop the bag over your hedge or gate if access allows. This is done with our own drivers so very flexible and delivered within one-hour slots on a day to suit.

Anywhere else on mainland UK, we use our 3rd party carrier partner Palletline who deliver direct to your home with what is termed as a ‘kerbside delivery’. They will get as close to your property as safely possible, but things like gravel and steep and narrow drives where access is limited can be an issue.

What are the advantages of a pallet delivery?

Pallet deliveries enable us to use a national pallet network to deliver your logs and they cover the whole of mainland UK and although the cost of the delivery is included in the price, it makes for a pretty cost-effective way to deliver to your home and keeps CO2 emissions to a minimum to the efficiency of these networks. Pallet deliveries also ensure your drive is kept nice and tidy with the firewood being delivered in self contained bulk bags or little bags all or which are showerproof. This is as opposed to you getting a delivery from your local supplier who may well just tip a load of logs on your drive!

Are the log sizes standard?

Our standard log size is 23cm long and 5-15cm in diameter and these will fit probably 99% of all UK stoves. Its probably only small glamping or canal boat stoves that even these logs might be too large. This size would be representative of an industry standard although we also provide a longer 35cm log for bigger stoves and open fires and a ‘chunky’ log which is 23cm long but up to 20cm in in width so for the really big stove or open fire and a very long burn.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, all our packaging is 100% recyclable and also made using a min of 30% recycled material. We are also working hard to reduce plastic as much as possible and where we feel it is necessary.

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What is the delivery time?

Nationally with our pallet network, delivery of kiln dried logs is about 2-3 days although you can have a next day delivery. You can also buy our boxes of logs which get delivered via our courier network DPD and these will be delivered next day to your door – the ultimate in convenience.

What comes in a Certainly Wood Firekit?

The equivalent of approx. two of our little bags – about 16-20 logs per box and with three of our fantastic KindleFlamer natural firelighters which are super charged firelighters that mean you DO NOT need any kindling to light the fire, so this is a very much all in one firekit!

What’s the story behind Certainly Wood?

The business was set up by brothers George and Nic Snell as part of a family farming diversification. It all began in 1995 having sold ‘barn dried’ firewood for many years as a side-line to the main farming business. Talking with a local stove distributor who said that 80% of stove problems are caused by wet wood, the opportunity was seized. The business is now the largest specialist producer in the UK supplying 20,000 tonnes per annum of premium quality kiln dried logs along with kindling and Flamers and KindleFlamers natural firelighters. Unique wood fired kilns, solar power and sustainability are at the forefront of the business, along with the best quality and highest level of customer service.

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Where can I find out more about Certainly Wood?

Visit our website –

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