The Health Advantages of Supplements

Our bodies rely on certain nutrients to survive and more importantly to thrive. We talk to the experts at Cell Nutrition Quinton Limited about the importance of vitamins and minerals and the health advantages of supplements.

Why are vitamins and minerals so important for our bodies?

The most important nutrients to get right are your minerals and trace elements, followed by other nutrients such as vitamins. All minerals and vitamins cannot be synthesised in the body so we need to consume them. Both minerals and vitamins play vital roles in the normal healthy functioning of our cells, but because vitamins rely on the presence of minerals for absorption from the digestive tract, it is essential that the correct mineral balance in the body is established first. For maximum benefits from our vitamins thereafter they should be taken with the correct mineral intake on an ongoing basis. Some minerals are better understood than others and are easier to study because they are required in higher concentrations, but we are increasingly recognising the important roles that the trace elements play too. All 78 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements are interdependent so it is important that they are all present and in the right proportions so that none of them interfere with any others. Minerals and trace elements should be taken before a meal or other supplements because of their ability to help the body absorb all other nutrients; this is one of the many health advantages of supplements.

How easy is it to gain the adequate vitamins and minerals through diet?

Some minerals and vitamins can be adequately provided in our diet, although through intensive food production, the soil and thus our food has been getting increasingly depleted over the past 50+ years. Micronutrient (minerals and vitamins) levels have been measured at only 1/3 of previous levels in some cases. It is now virtually impossible to guarantee getting all the minerals and vitamins that our cells require to be healthy through our food. For optimum health and disease prevention, supplementation is now essential. Synthetic minerals formulated from inorganic compounds can be produced cheaply into tablets etc but have very low bioavailability which makes them of equally low benefit to cellular function and health. The health advantages of supplements with minerals and trace elements harvested from plankton blooms, they are the only natural source of all 78 minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions whilst being fully bioavailable. The 100% bioavailability is the result of the action of the plankton on the inorganic seawater.

Can I take any vitamin or mineral supplement alongside other medication?

Provided mineral and vitamin supplementation stays within recommended levels there shouldn’t be any problems with taking these alongside medication but always check with your GP, consultant or pharmacist to make sure. Taking higher levels than normal should only be considered under the guidance of your healthcare practitioner.

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Who are vitamin/mineral supplements most suitable for?

Everybody needs minerals and vitamins! If you are under higher stress, pregnant, working hard physically, ill and/or have problems with excessive sweating or assimilating nutrients as a result of a digestive disorder etc then your body is likely to be using up higher levels of minerals and vitamins than normal. The advantages of supplements with a natural seawater sourced mineral and trace element product include replacing excessive losses of nutrients and help get your cells back to normal functioning.

Is there a recommended daily allowance for certain vitamins and minerals?

Yes, there are recommended daily allowances although these were established many years ago when people were generally smaller, food was more nutritious and the figures were based on the minimum for survival rather than what we need for optimum health. Many people therefore can take more than the recommended daily allowance although within reason. Due to the mineral and trace element interactions it is most important to ensure that all 78 elements are present in the right proportions and bioavailable rather than take above recommended daily allowances of just a few of those elements that are considered more important than the rest. If minerals are taken in the correct balance and in a fully bioavailable form, there is no need to take amounts considerably higher than recommended levels. You will get more benefit from normal levels of vitamins by taking the correct mineral and trace element supplementation, which removes the perceived need for very high vitamin intake.

Are there any side effects if you take more than the recommended daily allowance?

It is possible to overdose on some vitamins, for example Vitamin A. Provided minerals and trace elements are taken in the right bioavailable form and proportions then there are no adverse effects to high doses of them and because of their beneficial action with vitamins then there is no need to risk over-dosing with vitamins by taking excessive amounts. Problems only occur when minerals and trace elements are taken in isolation within a limited formulation that has no appreciation of how the minerals and trace elements all interact. This type of supplement rarely improves the desired result without causing imbalances between reliant minerals and trace elements in the body, which can impact on the metabolic processes that they are involved in, which may cause other problems.

What is the best time to take supplements?

Minerals and trace elements prepare the digestive tract for macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and vitamins to maximise absorption and utilisation. They are therefore best taken about 10 minutes prior to eating.  Vitamins are usually best taken with food.

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What would you suggest for a consumer in search of a high quality supplement product?

Look for a natural seawater derived full-spectrum liquid mineral and trace element supplement where the ingredients are fully bioavailable and in the correct proportions, the health advantages of supplements with these criteria are greater. Supplement those vitamins that you think you are low in but not to excess. Virtually everybody is low in Vitamin D and B Complex. Consider Vitamin C if you don’t eat much fruit and vegetables. As with the minerals and trace elements find products that are naturally derived and have good bioavailability.

Cell Nutrition Quinton Limited produces mineral-rich seawater harvested under strict conditions from a plankton bloom which naturally occurs in a pristine, internationally protected part of the Atlantic Ocean. This 100% organic nutritional supplement gives your body the minerals it needs to thrive. To find out more about their products and the advantages of supplements visit their website:

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