The essential guide to male grooming

Modern man takes care of his body and takes pride in his appearance, so follow these tips and you’ll soon benefit

1. Recognise your skin type in order to gain the most from the skincare products out there. So if you have oily skin get yourself an oil free moisturiser. Or if your skin is sensitive then try a moisturiser that contains sunshine shelter.

2. Once you’re aware of your skin type then get yourself a skincare regime. Keep it simple too. The two key things you really need is a good face wash and a moisturiser suited to you.

3. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Maybe. But they also reveal how tired you feel or how heavy the night before was! So protect them with an eye cream that blanket puffiness and wrinkles.

4. Water. Drink plenty of it because it hydrates the skin. The recommended amount per day is 1.5 litres. Simple.

5. Shave after showering for a smoother finish and use hot water when doing so. Invest in a decent shaving kit as well; a double-edged razor, a shaving brush with shaving crème and a non-alcohol based balm to apply once finished.

6. Use shower gel instead of soap because soap can cause the skin to dry out. Consider STORM Touch, which contains lemon and fresh green leaves, which develop into a warm, aromatic middle of ginger, nutmeg and lavender, with a finishing fragrance of musk, patchouli and sandalwood. Or STORM Vibe (pictured), which consists of bergamot, lemon and soft greens, a development of lavender and moss, and an end finish of woody, masculine notes of patchouli and amber.

7.  After a good haircut, men always feel at their best. Keep that look consistent by washing the hair with effective products, such as Neal and Wolf’s range of RITUAL Daily Shampoo and RITUAL Daily Conditioner (pictured). Then once your hair is feeling fresh and tangle-free, style it with SHAPE (pictured) – a pliable paste that gives outstanding definition.

8. Exercise and eat healthily. Fast food doesn’t have to be cut completely, but try to keep the intake of takeaways to a very minimum. Start your day off with some fresh fruit or a refreshing smoothie, and then in the evening add some salad or vegetables to your meal. And exercise only requires an hour a day at least. You’ll soon find yourself feeling much better and having more energy.

9. Show off that winning smile by looking after your teeth. Brush twice a day (obviously), floss, use a mouth wash and scrub that tongue to keep your breath fresh.

10. Look after your hands. Keep them from looking dry with a hand moisturiser, and keep your nails trimmed and clean. After all, they will be seen by people throughout the day so take pride in them.

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