The Benefits of Secondary Glazing

We spoke to Granada Glazing, the UK’s largest manufacturer of secondary glazing, about the benefits of secondary glazing, and why you should have it installed in your home.

When you look at the benefits of secondary glazing, you enjoy all the advantages that come with an extra layer of insulation over your windows. This cuts down on heat transfer—which means that your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer—but it also insulates against sound, often reducing noise levels by up to 80%. An 80% reduction in noise levels is the equivalent to 54Db, turning the noise of a diesel bus into a whisper. Secondary glazing is a discreet window that is fitted to the interior side of your room. Engineered from, durable slimline aluminium and powder coated in over 200 RAL colours to suit any taste or preference.

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Main Features of Secondary Glazing

  • Reduce noise levels by up to 80%
  • Approved installation for Grade I and Grade II listed properties
  • Decrease heat loss by up to 65%
  • Made from durable aluminium
  • Available in over 200 RAL colours
  • Functional and easy access to primary windows
  • Often used in conjunction with traditional wooden windows, double or triple-glazed UPVC windows 

The Benefits of Secondary Glazing

If your property is situated on a busy main road, a loud neighbourhood or any other high noise environments, an acoustic glass can be hugely beneficial to your situation. Secondary glazing with acoustic glass has the potential to reduce noise levels by up to 80%. Reports indicate that a passing diesel bus often creates 85dB of noise. Secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by 54dB reducing the total noise level to 31dB, which is the equivalent to a whisper. 

Warmth is a valuable commodity and creating a second barrier to the elements is an ideal way to reduce wasteful thermal heat loss. In fact, there are few better ways. After the installation of secondary glazing there can be a 65% decrease in heat loss. Not only will you have a naturally warmer home but you will even develop a more economical home, by spending less on your heating bills and keeping warmth locked in.

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Secondary glazing exceeds the value of traditional double-glazing. In One of the most notable benefits of secondary glazing is that it is extremely discreet—to the extent that a casual observer would be unlikely to notice its presence at all. This level of subtlety allows historic homes to retain their character whilst taking advantage of more recent breakthroughs in glazing. Secondary glazed windows are available in a variety of styles and finishes that can be installed into your property; ensuring that the finish you choose blends perfectly with the existing design, style and motif that are already in place. The installation of secondary glazing is advised by Historic England as installation requires no loss of historic fabric and in most cases the installation is easily reversible.

Many people are concerned about their windows having the highest amount of security possible. Unlike single glazed windows, secondary glazing is extremely difficult to open from the outside and provides an additional physical barrier against forced entry. Secondary glazing increase’s security with additional locking, laminated safety glass and partial opening hardware. This safeguards your home from potential threats whilst providing various other features that will benefit the occupant.

Our thanks to Granada Glazing for aiding us with this article. Granada works across the UK on a huge variety of award-winning renovation & construction projects, providing cost-effective ways to meet building regulation requirements whilst achieving superb results. They also provide various secondary glazing services that are suitable for homes, trade and commercial projects. To find out more about the benefits of secondary glazing and Granada’s exceptional products visit their website:

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