Ten Top Tips for Garden Security

Garden and outdoor security is no trivial matter – 11 percent of insurance claims involve thefts ‘in the open’. So how can we secure our sheds? Here are our ten top tips for garden security.

According to insurance company Aviva, theft ‘in the open’, in other words mainly from gardens, is on the increase, shooting up from 3 percent of reported crimes to 11 percent in 2021. Of course, it’s also a very seasonal problem, with most incidents taking place in the Spring when items are brought out of storage.

The most stolen items are garden furniture, ladders, garden tools and toys, though some people keep very expensive items such as ride-on lawnmowers, bicycles or motorbikes in garden outbuildings, so these are also at risk.

So here are our ten top tips for garden security from securing your sheds to locking up your lawnmowers, at all times of year, not just in the Spring!

  • Put locks on all doors and windows of your house and outbuildings. The police say that households with no proper home security in place are five times more likely to be burgled. Don’t forget to fit hinge bolts, which will prevent doors from being levered off their hinges.

  • Don’t leave items such as ladders or wheelie-bins in the open as these can help thieves to gain access.

  • If you have been working at home from an office outbuilding, prioritise security if it contains computers and other electronic equipment. Your insurance may require you to fit an alarm.

  • Consider fitting CCTV or webcams, perhaps with an app which runs on your mobile phone alerting you to any intrusion.

  • Fit sturdy gates and side-passage doors with heavy duty, weatherproof key or combination padlocks.

  • Lock items like expensive cycles or motorbikes to floors or walls with ground and wall anchors combined with tough lock and chain sets. Fit brake disc locks to motorbikes.

  • Secure sheds with a high-quality padlock and hasp or combination locking bolt.

  • Secure ‘up and over’ garage doors using garage door protectors.

  • Remember that a big, solid padlock is a good visible deterrent. Look for quality locks made of solid brass, laminated steel, armoured steel, or hardened steel, with a thick shackle. For outdoor locks, look for weather resistant material like rustproof stainless steel or electrophoretic finish.

  • Keep your outdoor padlocks maintained with regular cleaning and oiling and a monthly spraying with a silicone-based lubricant.

Take note of these ten top tips for garden security, and soon your garden will be as safe as houses! 

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