Ten Tips For Planning to Move Abroad​​​​​​​

Taking the plunge and deciding to move to a new country will involve a lot of thought and planning. The responsibility of moving your life and household belongings to the other side of the world can seem overwhelming, but with careful planning and the right international removals company by your side, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you first feared. PSS Removals aids us in our creation of ten tips for planning to move abroad:

1.  Time is of the essence

If the move allows and you’ve got time to plan, this will make life much easier. Even before you’ve got your visas confirmed, call around a number of possible removal companies and ask for a quote. Most will have experienced staff who can come to your property to assess your needs. This should be a free, no obligation visit and quote.

2.  Decide what service you want

One size does not fit all when it comes to removals. Companies are used to clients sending varying quantities of goods—from the very large to the very small. This can be everything from the entire household contents to one special sofa or even a few boxes. An international shipping company will offer different quotes based on what you actually need. It’s worth comparing them to see who offers the best option.

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3. The choice is yours

One of the best tips for planning to move abroad is to gather lots of quotes; this well help you make an informed decision. Once you’ve confirmed the details of the move, you’re likely to be given a ‘move manager’ to oversee the process and help with any unanswered questions. They are there to help so make sure to use them. They can give you guidance each step of the way.

4.  Check your credentials

No move is without risks, so pick a removals company with the highest international standards. These include, FAIM Accreditation, Membership of the FIDI Global Alliance, and Membership of the British Association of Removers Overseas Group. BAR OVERSEAS is covered by the I.M.M.I. Advance payment guarantee scheme for your financial protection.

5.  To pack or not to pack?

You’ll also need to think about whether you want to pack your own goods or leave it to the professionals. If you’re doing it yourself you’ll be given boxes, cartons and protective wrap. Packing always takes longer than you think, so give yourself plenty of time. Give yourself a deadline and finalise packing, one room at a time. No one wants to greet the removals van with boxes left to pack.

6. De-clutter your life

We all acquire belongings that we grow used to living with, but do you really need to take them all with you? A loft full of unpacked boxes does not really need to accompany you abroad. Make tough decisions about what you leave behind, put into storage or sell. You may be moving to a much smaller property so will your furniture fit in? Take time to think about your pending needs.

7. Let’s talk about parking

Another one of our useful tips for planning to move abroad involves parking; a removal lorry will need somewhere to park therefore you should be mindful of your surroundings. If you live in an area with resident parking bays you’ll need to inform the local council prior to the move. They’ll need to suspend the relevant bays so removal lorries can park easily. As a guide—a shared container 1-2 bays, 20ft container 3-5 bays or 40ft container 5-7 bays.

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8.  Prepare to say goodbye

As moving day looms you’ll probably be flooded with a mixture of emotions. Saying goodbye to family and friends will be difficult. If you’re shipping pets abroad you’ll need to consider the quarantine process, which may well mean the animals leave before you do. Take time to consider this process carefully and understand what you need to do in order for you and your pet to be transferred as easily as possible.

9.  Understand the process

You should be fully informed as to when the team is arriving and what they are going to do. If they’re packing your goods, they’ll have all the necessary materials to wrap things carefully. If you are really keen to pack something precious, the team will let you. One of our most surprising tips for planning to move abroad that you may not have considered is that you leave the boxes unsealed, this is so the removal company can make a full inventory of what’s contained. This will also happen with the furniture and boxes that they have packed. You’ll be given a full inventory once the packing service is complete.

10.  And you’re off….

Once packed, your goods will be loaded onto a lorry or container, dependent upon which move service you have chosen. This will be the last you see of your belongings until you arrive in the new destination. The removals firm will talk to you about the customs process and when the good can be expected to arrive. Well done, you’ve made it.

PSS International Removals are shipping experts; whether you are hoping to ship boxes, excess baggage or your household goods, they offer a friendly and professional service. To find out more about PSS International Removals, visit their website: pssremovals.com/

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