Take Care of Your Feet

Your feet deserve the best care possible—follow our tips on tackling dry and cracked feet

Many of us spend a lot of time on our feet; constantly being on the move can take its toll. Ill-fitting footwear and frequent impact on the soles of the feet can lead to dry and cracked skin. Without an adequate footcare regime, cracks can steadily worsen and become painful, keeping us from enjoying an active lifestyle. This becomes an even greater issue as we age; thinning of the skin and heightened sensitivity mean extra care should be taken. Follow our tips for beautiful and pain-free feet.    


Make yourself a footbath by filling a bowl with warm water. Mix in scented soap or oil for a more luxurious experience. Leave your feet to soak for at least five minutes. This will soften your skin and allow hard patches to be removed easily. 


Use a foot file or pumice stone to rid yourself of hard and dead skin. This will be made easier after your feet have been allowed to soak. Focus on the heels and other areas that receive the brunt of the impact from walking. Consider using a foot scrub—these are great for smoothing roughly        textured spots. 


Dry skin needs constant hydration and protection. The best way to achieve this is through a nourishing moisturiser or gel cream. Aim to moisturise your feet regularly—at least once a day—covering the whole foot and sole, avoiding only between the toes.

File and clip

Trimming your toenails is very important; it should be done regularly and with care. Using proper toenail clippers, cut straight across rather than at an angle. Avoid cutting down the edges, this can cause ingrown toenails to form. •

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