Tableware Buying Guide

There’s more to buying tableware than you think. Denby give us the dish on dishes—what to buy and what is in style.

What essential tableware does every home need?

It is important to make sure you choose a tableware range that you are happy to use for special occasions but one that is also versatile enough to use in your everyday life. Denby’s sales analysis show that in 2016 bowls outsold plates for the first time and this is due to the casualisation in the way we eat and the rise in how much global cuisine we eat so having a good selection of different sized, versatile bowls in the cupboards is useful.

Do I need to buy a formal set and a casual set?

For many people these days, the notion of having a formal set that only comes out on special occasions is unusual. There has definitely been a ‘casualisation’ of dinnerware and if you buy quality ranges which can be used happily in the dishwasher and are beautiful enough for both every day and for best, then there really is no need for a second set. There has been a huge trend, however, for buying small ‘capsule’ sets which are perfect for particular occasions or foods and which really add theatre to the table and sit alongside the main dinnerware set.

Do you prefer to mix or match?

Mix and match is a key trend and mixing colour and textures is a great way of always making your table look refreshed. Don’t feel that you need to stick to just one range that includes matching accessories—be brave and imaginative. A few new items in a different colour or style are a great way to refresh your tableware and add interest.

How do I choose a colour scheme?

Take inspiration from social media. Pages such as Pinterest and Instagram have an array of lifestyle bloggers showcasing the latest trends and colour schemes from wall colour to tableware inspiration. Magazines and Sunday supplements are also a great source of inspiration as they pick out the best bits from the high street. Also consider what sort of style will suit your home and personal taste; this could be bold or neutral with hints of added decoration.

What is on trend at the moment?

Natural wood and copper are a sure way to make your home look and feel on trend. Copper effect can now be found on almost any accessory whether that’s your kettle, cutlery or trinkets. Wood is a great material to add to your dinner table as it can add texture and a natural homely feel.

What kinds of glasses are popular?

Studies show that entertaining at home is on the rise, people are cooking trend-inspired imaginative dishes for friends and family, as well as creative drinks to complement. Cocktails are not just for fancy bars these days, with many consumers now experimenting at home too. Gin and prosecco in particular have seen huge growth in the last few years and gin cocktails are served in an array of glasses.

What is the best material for tableware to be made of?

There are a variety of materials available in tableware each with their own benefits. Which material you choose depends on your needs. Porcelain and stoneware have good strength and durability whilst bone china and fine china usually offer a lighter, more elegant feel. Many people still prefer plain white tableware, however, others are venturing into bold and brightly patterned pieces. A good middle ground is to have a core set which is easy to live with. Add interest with statement pieces and unusual or quirky accessories.

Do different kinds of material need different kinds of special care?

How you care for your items depends on the material and design so always check the ‘care and use’ message that you can find on your tableware, glassware and cutlery as this should give the most useful information. Porcelain and stoneware are usually the most durable and can often be used in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer.

How should I care for my dishes and cutlery?

The majority of tableware and cutlery is now dishwasher safe. At Denby we go above and beyond to ensure we test every item again and again so customers have the confidence to know their tableware will be safe once washed. All of our tableware is dishwasher safe, however, constant dishwashing may result in discoloration overtime so we recommend using low temperature and liquid detergents.

How should I properly store and transport my tableware?

There is no right of wrong way of storing your tableware; the majority of people store their tableware in their kitchen cupboards. As trends change, however, we are noticing that people prefer to showcase their tableware on shelves and on their table. If you do ever need to transport your tableware, we recommend plenty of bubble wrap and a good strong box.

Designed by Denby and James, the ‘Gastro’ by James Martin range launched in 2015 and is crafted from specially selected materials and includes kits that will make mealtimes simply magnificent. From mini fry baskets to ramekin sets and complete burger/plate kits, the entire range is presented in premium packaging which also makes them perfect gifts.

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