Successful IVF or Your Money Back

How to manage the cost of IVF with different options for treatment and payment

Often times, when trying to have a baby, IVF is the final option for many couples when nothing else seems to work. Unfortunately, it is notoriously tricky. When considering IVF, you have to consider whether you are a suitable candidate, the cost and the potential chance of success.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have a set of fertility guidelines to assess the suitability of candidates for IVF treatment on the NHS in England and Wales. They recommend that IVF should be offered to women under the age of 43 who have been trying to get pregnant through regular unprotected sex for two years, or who have had 12 cycles of artificial insemination. However, even if you meet these criteria, the final decision over who can have NHS-funded IVF in England lies with local commissioning groups.

In some cases, couples may choose to have IVF treatment even when they don’t meet the criteria, such as women over the age of 43 or couples who have been trying to conceive for less than two years. In these cases—and in cases where local commissioning groups decide prospective parents cannot receive NHS-funded IVF—many are left to fund their treatment out of their own pocket.

IVF can cost thousands of pounds—more if you undertake additional rounds. Patients have been known to put themselves into debt, overspending on credit cards and re-mortgaging their house for the chance of having a child. In addition to this, the chance of success is very low.

According to the NHS, in 2010 the number of IVF treatments that resulted in a live birth was:

  • 32.2 percent for women under 35  
  • 27.7 percent for women aged 35 to 37  
  • 20.8 percent for women aged 38 to 39   
  • 13.6 percent for women aged 40 to 42   
  • 5 percent for women aged 43 to 44 
  • 1.9 percent for women aged over 44

One way around this is to choose to go down the route of refund-guarantee IVF treatments—your dream to become a parent cannot be limited by the uncertainty of IVF success rates. The refund-guarantee programme offered by Redia IVF Travel pledges a 100 percent money back guarantee in the case that no live birth is achieved after all the promised cycles and transfers have been completed. These refunds depend on the woman’s age, but generally all is lined out for you before you start treatment. The option of a refund-guarantee IVF takes the gamble out of trying for a baby.

While there are not many clinics in the UK who offer refund-guarantee IVF, there are many countries where it is more common. Going abroad for IVF treatment offers the additional benefit of choosing somewhere to suit your needs. Different countries have different legislation when it comes to treatment. If it’s tricky or difficult to get IVF in the UK, you may want to consider travelling elsewhere.

Redia IVF Travel offer up to 100 percent money back guarantee if you do not have a baby after your multiple stimulation cycles. IVF Travel partners with a travel agency who offers full travel service assistance with airport transfers and accommodation options. IVF Travel offers full support to all fertility patients at no extra cost, guiding you through the process and ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident with the procedure.

IVF Travel, is a part of Redia Ltd, a UK Fertility Consultancy. Travel abroad for your IVF treatment and reduce your costs.

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