Sparkle in the Kitchen With These Easy Cleaning Tips From Flash

Try these cleaning tricks and tips to help you keep on top of things in the kitchen and deal with spills, stains, and smells quickly and easily.

Try these cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep on top of things in the kitchen and deal with spills, stains, and smells quickly and easily.

The kitchen is so often the heart of the home—the room that brings together food, chatter and with your children around, probably a lot of mayhem too! With so many things going on, it’s also the room that gets messy more often than the rest of the house.

Here’s a handy list of cleaning tips that are both quick and easy to help keep your kitchen in tip-top shape and always ready for the next meal, little chat, or dinner with friends. Try these tips to keep your kitchen in check even when little ones are making spending time on your home very hard!

We recommend always keeping your cleaning liquids out of reach of little hands – preferably put away in a high up, out of reach cupboard.

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Swipe the surface with more purpose

Little and big accidents do happen. That’s just the nature of life in the kitchen. To keep stains and water damage on your kitchen surfaces to the minimum, have a Flash Microfibre Cloth within easy reach to tackle spills and messes as they happen. These handy cloths can be used wet, damp or dry, and offer a quick, convenient way to keep your kitchen surfaces spotless. Match the cloths up with Flash Ultra Power with Anti-bac Spray for a hygienic all-round clean. This dynamic duo will work wonders around the bin cleaning away stains and killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Put a stop to dirty hobs

One of the things that often makes mums think twice about cooking a big family favourite or special dinner for friends, is the mess it leaves on cooker tops and hobs. New Flash Traditional Collection with Bicarbonate of Soda comes as a spray and liquid. The bicarbonate helps to get rid of those hard-to-shift oily marks and burnt-on food so you cut down on scrubbing, making it perfect for quick results on cooker hobs, oven surfaces, and even microwaves.

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Bring your sink back to shiny

To bring the shine back to your taps and sink try matching new Flash Scouring Pads with Flash Traditional Collection with scent of Natural French Soap. The scouring pads have a mesh scrubby side that can help tackle stuck on dirt and tarnish. Flash Traditional Collection is packed full of cleaning ingredients inspired by good old-fashioned cleaning methods!

Get to the core of a dirty floor

With big, little, and even furry feline feet constantly traipsing in and out, bits of food escaping from chopping boards and a spill here and there, the kitchen floor takes on a lot.

Having the handy Flash Dustpan and Brush close while preparing food, helps to get rid of bits of food or other spills immediately. If you’re planning a bigger clean, it’s useful to vacuum before using the mop to tackle excess dust and crumbs.

After that, it’s time to get the Flash Lightning Mop out. Pair with the Flash 16L Bucket and pour in a dose of Flash Floor Cleaning Liquid. They come in all sorts of fragrances. Not only does it lift grime and stains off your kitchen floor, but it smells fresh and breezy too.

For 2x the cleaning power with 50% less plastic, you can try Flash Multi-Surface Liquid Gel. It contains double the cleaning power of other floor cleaning liquids, but thanks to its unique gel form, it can easily be diluted in a bucket of water. So you don’t have to use as much each time.

The kitchen is usually the worst affected by dirt and grime. But your time is too precious to spend hours scrubbing, wiping and washing, so we hope these tips leave you with more time for yourself and your family.

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