How a Smart Home Can Help Your Daily Life

What are ‘smart’ homes, what can they do for us and how can we set one up? we asked the experts from Netatmo

In simple terms, what is a ‘smart home’?

The term ‘Smart Home’ refers to home automation with all of the techniques for controlling and programming devices and electrical systems in a home, a business or a building, either locally or remotely. Controlling your house by voice, automating domestic tasks, controlling the operation of household objects in real time without even being on site: turn on the heating , put on music, close the shutters in your home, dim the lights, activate an alarm , turn off television … today these functions are part of our daily lives thanks to the concept of Smart Home .

What are the main categories of smart home products?

Overall, Smart Home is developing around three areas of innovation:

• Energy savings, for example with optimized heating management

• Security, thanks in particular to connected cameras , locks and alarms

• Comfort, managing air quality, entertainment and reduction of time spent in menial tasks (organization, cleaning etc.)

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Can smart energy technology cut my bills?

Yes, for instance a connected thermostat allows you to control the heating remotely from your smartphone via a dedicated application. Wherever you are and at any time, you can act on the operation of your boiler and the programming of the room thermostat. It also allows finer programming according to your daily habits. The Netatmo Smart Thermostat for example, with some simple setup, defines a heating schedule adapted to your weekly schedules and rhythms. You thus achieve greater energy savings compared to a classic type room thermostat, with approximately 30% savings.

Can smart home systems control lighting, curtains, blinds and shutters?

Yes, using a controller such as a smartphone and a wireless switch. For example, with a smart wireless switch, you do not need to go around the entire house to switch everything off – with just one tap of the ‘Away’ button on the Master Switch or in the App, you can simultaneously switch off all the lights, turn off selected home appliances and close all roller shutters when you leave home. You can also remotely control your lights, roller shutters and home appliances from your smartphone, receive notifications and monitor your real-time and overall power consumption.

Can smart home system make my house more safe and secure?

Yes, a Smart Home setup is a real advantage in terms of security. Whether you want to make it look like someone’s at home while you’re away by opening the blinds, or detect a fire, a water leak or an intrusion in your home or business via a connected camera, an alarm or a presence sensor, a smart home created through home automation ensures that your possessions and the people in your home are safe. This helps you to feel comfortable at home and ensures greater peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away.

Can smart home systems monitor indoor air quality?

Yes. Air indoors can be up to five times more polluted than outdoors, so it’s important to know when a room needs to be aired. The Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor sends all the information about the home environment, from temperature and air quality to humidity and sound levels, to its user directly to the smartphone.

Can smart home systems monitor the weather?

Yes, a smart weather station is an essential tool for forecasting the weather and planning activities according to the temperature. Having a Smart Home Weather Station at home means you’ll have your own device for producing reliable and accurate meteorological data directly on a screen. You can remotely control your device and keep an eye on the temperature, humidity or pressure on your computer or on your smartphone using the app.
This type of product not only displays information and forecasts, you can also record them. This allows you to compare data for example and see changes in the temperature in different years, thanks to the data history available in the app.

How can I make sure all my smart home systems are compatible?

The best way is to choose your smart home products from the same brand. Another way, choose the smart home products that are compatible with the existing voice assistants, for example, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Many products look set to emerge or evolve over the coming years. More and more applications are compatible and a home can interact with a growing number of connected home devices to adjust smart thermostats, change the lighting in a room, switch on the TV, adjust the volume of speakers, etc.

What are the latest smart home products from Netatmo?

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell allows you to answer to your guests, whether you are at home or not. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it can differentiate between a person and a harmless movement. If someone is lurking around the door, the user will receive a “Person detected” notification on their smartphone and a video of the event is recorded.

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren sends real-time alerts to the user’s smartphone if a trespasser enters their property. The camera can tell the difference between people, vehicles and animals. You can trigger the 110dB alarm from your smartphone to defer an intruder.

Both Smart Security products have no subscription fee and are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Where do I find out more about Netatmo products and services?

You can get your Netatmo products and services from Netatmo website (, Netatmo e-shop, Apple, Amazon, Appliance Direct, BT, Box, Comet, Currys, Ebuyer, Laptops Direct, Maplin, Robert Dyas, Studio and Very

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