Sleeping Safely and in Style with Sleepy Wilson

Sleepy Wilson is a family run, luxury sleepwear brand producing the finest silk pyjamas for women and children.

Apart from the beautifully designed range of brightly coloured and exquisitely finished product, they are keen to tackle sustainability and improve transparency in the Fashion Industry, whilst also helping you and your family get a good night’s sleep. A belief in investment over fast fashion and the joy of supreme quality over budget pricing using fabrics that perform for their intended purpose without causing harm to the environment is what underpins the brand.

Launched in 2019, by husband and wife team, Paula and Tom Wilson, the couple have spent years working in the fashion industry and both have significant experience of sleep issues stretching back to when they were children themselves. When their own children came along exhibiting similar tendencies they set about addressing the issue head on. With one child prone to over heating, unable to regulate their temperature and resulting in skin irritations such as eczema and another, who simply wanted to party all night, the couple began to seriously investigate ways to improve everyone’s quality of sleep.

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Sleep Wilson 1


Throughout their research they discovered the extent of sleepwear and bedlinen available today that is made from synthetic fibres such as polyester. Not only are man made fibres more difficult to dispose of at the end of their lifecycle (ending up in landfill for 400yrs+) but fibres like these actually trap heat within the molecules, making it more difficult to naturally regulate body temperature, but more importantly, this is an optimum environment for dust mites to thrive, leading to additional problems such as asthma.

This is another of the reasons behind only using naturally fibres in their ranges, citing that not only do our bodies react better to natural materials, our minds do too – silk naturally biodegrades, is temperature regulating, hypoallergenic and antibacterial – not to mention being cool to the touch and super luxurious to wear. Actually silk absorbs up to 30% of its weight helping it ‘wick’ moisture aware from the body making you all the more comfortable.

Stress, anxiety, insecurities over jobs, finances, health or family can all take its toll and affect the amount of shut eye we get, but lack of sleep can have detrimental ramifications to our daily life – resulting in bouts of depression, mood disorders, weight gain and poor athletic performance, not to mention high blood pressure and risk of stroke – ignoring your quality of sleep (or lack of) can be fatal.

Sleepy Wilson 7

Sleepy Wilson hope that by combining a healthy routine, working with the finest natural materials, creating a product that is truly fit for purpose and producing it in a socially and ethically conscious way, they will be able to improve the sleep of the nation.


Using their background in Fashion sourcing and product development, the team are extremely selective about who they partner with, ensuring optimum transparency of all social and ethical compliance is upheld at all times. A key supporter of Fashion Revolution and Labour Behind the Label, they are keen to encourage other brands globally to ensure the same fair conditions of earning a living wage, paid holiday and pension programmes which are not always the norm.

Further to this, customers can have peace of mind in the knowledge that their purchase has been delivered with sustainability considered at every step of way. All packaging and trims used in Sleepy Wilson’s ranges are also natural, biodegradable or recycled – from threads to mailer bags, stickers to swing tags, with no plastics whatsoever.

Despite the brand’s short life so far, they have already racked up a multitude of awards, being touted as ‘Ones to Watch’ at the Drapers Sustainability Awards two years running, not to mention winning GOLD at the Junior Design Awards for Best Children’s Sleepwear. They have also amassed a highly impressive celebrity following ranging from Rochelle Humes and Fearne Cotton to Paloma Faith.

Sleepy Wilson 6

With their fanbase growing on daily basis, it’s no surprise they are now also stocked in the United States, Saudia Arabia and the Ukraine, outside of their native UK.

We’re told that Sleepy Wilson have a very exciting collaboration launching next year fusing technical innovation with their signature aesthetic beauty, but in the meantime, you can find more info about their current ranges here:

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