A Good Night’s Sleep and a Clear Conscience

Sleepy Wilson’s natural silk pyjamas are good for children’s sleep, and good for the planet too. We find out how

What is the importance to health of a good night’s sleep?

There are so many benefits associated with getting a good night’s sleep, not only does it relax and revitalise our bodies in preparation for the following day, but it also allows us to physically process our emotions, thus improving our mental heath. This also relates to learning and memory because without enough sleep, you are less able to retain new information and can feel a little foggy. Lack of sleep can actually lead to bouts of depression, anxiety and weight gain.

What can we do to improve our quality of sleep?

We are creatures of habit, therefore a consistent routine is paramount to our performance, whether this be socially, professionally or other. Its important to try and get 7-8 hours sleep a night, and also to sleep in an environment conducive to rest (although some lucky people can fall asleep anywhere!).Wearing natural fibres such as cotton, silk or linen also allows your body to comfortably stabilise your body temperature and blood pressure ensuring we are on top form the next morning.

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Why do natural fibres make better pyjamas?

Natural fibres tend to be temperature regulating, particularly silk which is why we choose only the highest grade for our pyjamas. At night time, our body temperature has a tendency to rise or fall depending on multiple factors, (what we wear, what sort of bedlinen we use as well as any underlying health issues. Because silk is breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it’s perfect for anyone who gets a little hot a night and particularly those who suffer from skin irritations or Asthma. Many High St pyjamas and bedlinen is made from synthetic fibres, such as polyester which we have discovered actually traps heat between the fibres and is therefore a perfect breeding environment for dust mites.

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What chemicals are used in Sleepy Wilson’s silks?

We don’t use any chemicals in our pyjamas, we only use oekotex approved dyes and inks in our prints which are synonymous the natural colours and habitats of many different animal species.

What undesirable chemicals are sometimes found in artificial materials?

Chemicals and toxins such as phthalates, formaldehyde, lead etc have been found in clothing, however the industry is quite well regulated now –  these are toxic, not only to the wearer, but also to marine life as water treatment programmes cannot adequately filter them out of the water ways etc. (25% of global chemical output originates from the textile industry)  But its not just the chemicals that are the problem, a lot of synthetics are not biodegradable and eventually end up in landfill for hundreds of years, a problem exacerbated by fast fashion and the current push by big brands to keep buying more and more clothes at cheaper prices.

Sleepy Wilson 3

What negative health effects can these chemicals have?

In trace amounts, skin rashes, allergic reactions, general feeling of unwell, stomach upsets, irritability and sleep issues are all possible But more seriously, they can be carcinogenic and hormone disruptive, leading to infertility and even death.

What does Sleepy Wilson do to make sure its materials and packaging are environmentally friendly?

Sleepy Wilson is committed to using only natural, biodegradable materials, we have no toxins, no chemicals and no plastics whatsoever in our supply chain. Our Silk Charmeuse is sourced directly from our partner mill in Huzhou, China, the original birthplace of silk. All of our packaging is made from FSC approved papers, natural or recycled fibres and even our mailer bags are biodegradable. We are acutely aware of the damage caused by the fashion industry with regards to the current climate crisis and work closely with the Trillion Trees Campaign and Freight Brokers logistics to neutralise our carbon footprint.

What does Sleepy Wilson do to its suppliers are operating ethically?  

We have a fully transparent supply chain, with all of our current suppliers listed on our website. We have a stringent audit process in place and regularly work with independent 3rd parties to ensure all new and existing legislation is followed. We are closely aligned with companies such as Labour Behind the Label and Fashion Revolution who promote worker’s rights and ensure everyone receives a living wage. UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) are a key part of our company ethos, particularly those relating to ethical, sustainable production which we strongly believe is the only way forward.

How can we all do our bit to put an end to ‘fast fashion’’?

Try to only buy what you need, or at least consider the price of the garment you are buying beforehand. Often we are dazzled by ‘on trend’ items at very low prices (and who doesn’t love a bargain?) But there is always a cost – and generally it is at the detriment to the person who made it. We are not seasonal at Sleepy Wilson, our products are made to last and designed to be as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, plus we can guarantee everyone involved in our supply chain benefits from our collective efforts.

How did Sleepy Wilson start and what are its most popular products now?

Sleepy Wilson grew out of a love of pyjamas and a lack of sleep! Tom and I both suffered from sleep issues in our younger years and had spent significant time travelling to factories all over the world designing and producing collections for other brands. When our two children came along, we found ourselves even more sleep deprived and clueless as to not only fix our own night time routines but to instil from the beginning healthily sleep patterns for our family. Sleepy Wilson launched in 2019 and this Flamingo Stripe pyjama has been our most successful piece to date:

Sleepy Wilson flamingo stripe pyjama

Where can I find out more about Sleepy Wilson?

You can find out all about us on our website, (www.sleepywilson.com) or social media, @sleepy_wilson – we are always happy to answer any queries relating to our brand or products and how they could benefit you and your family.

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