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The quest for a good night’s sleep can turn into a nightmare for those that share a bed with a snoring partner.

Studies have shown snoring drives a third of couples to sleep in separate bedrooms at some point in their relationship.  However, despite the obvious effects that snoring can have on personal relationships, and the many solutions available, less than half of snorers have sought help for their problem.

Being overweight, smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, and some prescription medications can all cause people to snore.  Therefore, lifestyle changes such as losing weight or stopping smoking should help.  However, snoring is a complex condition with multiple causes, and as we age, we all become more prone to it. 

The first step to finding a solution is to figure out why the snoring became a problem in the first place. 

Why do I snore?

For the majority of snorers, the cause of the problem is a loss of muscle tension in the airway that connects the nasal passage to the throat. This loss of tension leads to narrowed airways and vibration of the relaxed muscle tissue, especially the soft palate; ultimately leading to air turbulence and the irritating sound of snoring.  This accounts for more than 80 percent of cases.  Snoreeze Throat Spray, Throat Rinse, Lozenges and Oral Strips can provide a solution, their dual action, time-based formulas tone and lubricate the soft tissues.  This means that just one Oral Strip, a gargle of Throat Rinse, a single Lozenge, or a few sprays of Throat Spray before bed can reduce or prevent snoring for up to 8 hours. 

How can I stop snoring when I get a blocked nose?

Colds, allergies, or a blocked nose can also cause snoring as the nasal passages become congested, forcing sufferers to breathe through their mouth.  If this is the case, Snoreeze Nasal Spray can offer relief.  Spray twice in each nostril to coat the nasal passages, opening the nasal airways and helping to improve airflow throughout the night.  Snoreeze Nasal Strips work on a similar basis; apply one across the bridge of your nose to gently open your nasal passages, helping you to breathe more easily.

What works for very loud snoring?

Particularly heavy snorers sometimes find throat or nasal sprays less effective and although surgery is available, it is a drastic option with questionable results.  However, within the last 10 years, Oral Devices have become more widely available, and there is strong clinical evidence that they are effective in reducing even the loudest snoring.  Oral Devices, worn like gum-shields, gently position the lower jaw forward to open the airway and radically reduce snoring.  The Snoreeze Oral Device can be customised to fit in just a few minutes, and is comfortable to wear every night.

So, before you give up on ever sleeping in the same room as your partner again, try the Snoreeze products.  Bin the din and reclaim your eight hours.

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