Six great places to eat and drink in Orlando

With more than 50 million people visiting the city every year from all over the world, you’ll be glad to know that there are more than a few great places to eat and visit every single day in Orlando.

Having more than a bit of knowledge of the local area, we have picked out some of the best places to eat and drink whilst on holiday to one of the most exciting cities in the United States!

To Eat:

Mojo Bar and Grill
One of the most exciting restaurants in the city and home of many of the cities sports teams (including a certain member of N Sync), Mojo Bar and Grill offers a colourful palate of food and atmosphere that is difficult to replicate anywhere else on Earth.
Located in the historical area of Orlando, the bar serves as an after game stop for local soccer and football teams with happy hour being featured every single Friday, 5 o’clock until 7. If you do fancy a visit, the staff recommend the Bayou Fromage; a cheesy dip of sausage, bread and rainbow coloured crisps!

Paco’s Mexican
Officially the oldest Mexican restaurant in the city of Orlando and a great place to visit with the children, Paco’s Mexican offers you some of the best homemade food in the vicinity!
With over thirty years of business the restaurant recently got voted for having the best cheese dip in the entirety of Orlando; no small feat for any Mexican restaurant. If you’re looking to impress your gringo friends, try tucking into the giant chilli chimi fried burrito, because you’ll be bursting at the seams when you’re finished!

Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar-B-Que
If you’re a fan of meat and aren’t afraid to show it, then the menu choice at Bubbalou’s should certainly take your fancy! With more meat being cooked over authentic hardwood fires than the rest of Orlando put together, you can rest assured that you’ll be devouring some of the best cuts of meat that the United States has to offer.
A winner of the 2010 Foodie Awards, the restaurant is also host to the Lucky Pig Lounge, found on Alafaya Trail and serves as Orlando’s premiere blues bar.

To Drink:

La Cava Del Tequila
If you like your cocktails drowned in tequila and served by one of the most knowledgeable waiters in the area of Orlando, then La Cava Del Tequila found in Epcot may just be to your liking!
With over 100 hand-picked tequila’s to choose from in a menu of exotic drinks including jalapeno margarita’s and avocado cocktails; quite exciting if you’ve never tried an authentic Mexican cocktail before!

Dandelion Communitea Café
Something slightly less alcoholic, Dandelion Communitea Café offers you the opportunity to unveil the hidden hippy inside of you as you enter the realms of the eco-friendly tea café.
With a specialised menu of happy vegan and vegetarian food you can enjoy some of the freshest and healthiest food in Orlando alongside a fresh pitcher of premium loose tea that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike!
Found just North of Central Orlando, be sure not to miss some of the great food events that are featured throughout the summer!

Café Tu Tu Tango
Alongside having one of the most brilliant names on record, Café Tu Tu Tango is a hub of cool grooves and great food.
Described by some as the place for any ‘starving artist’, the café was founded in 1991 after three students travelled to Spain and were inspired enough to start their own business on what they saw there.
Besides welcoming a plethora of people from all around the world, the café has won a host of awards for food and events. Located just off International Drive, if you’ve ever thought about travelling the world; this could well inspire you to start your journey!

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