Simplifying School Shoes

Children have enough things to worry about at primary school – shoes shouldn’t be one of them!

Kickers is a brand that understands children’s feet. Founded in 1970 in Paris, it quickly became the stuff of legends – In late 90’s, 1-in-3 people in the UK owned a pair of Kickers shoes! In the last 20 years, Kickers has been synonymous with the playground, bringing style and expertise to a previously dark and formal category – their understanding of the pressures on kid’s feet and the impact the wrong shoes can have on foot development have made Kickers a category leader – all shoes go through over 50 tests before being available for sale. There are so many brands, styles and prices to choose from, so before you buy, think about the following to ensure happy children and happier feet.

School shoes are worn all day everyday – that is tough on growing feet, particularly with the activity shifts from classroom to playground. To prevent ill-fitting shoes or blisters we advise looking for comfortable foot beds and soft, padded collars to keep feet from tiring. Not only that, but busy feet get sweaty and smelly, which is why Kickers shoes come with a variety of technologies from breathable cushioned footbeds, to Microfresh antibacterial treatments. “Kick lo ”has a brilliant combination of the two.

Durability should be a focus when looking for that new term purchase. Spending more initially could save you money in the long run and ensure you avoid styles that wear out easily or don’t offer the support little ones need. Our top tips for durability are look for shoes with rubber soles, reinforced toe bumpers and strong strap fastenings. Created from extensive playground research to combat areas of wear and tear, Kicker’s new “durable 360” styles have additional layers of rubber wrapped around the shoe, protecting the toe and heels from scuffing. With reinforced stitching, additional padding in collars and super strengthened fastenings, the “Bridie” and “Trukka” styles are truly kid proof.

Linked to durability and comfort is the usage of natural leather in school shoes – This can feel quite different to non-school shoes, but the leather will quickly mould to the foot and has natural durability and toughness properties that will protect the feet. It might be useful to wear new shoes in for a few hours before wearing them to school. The “Kick hi”and“Kick T-bar” are absolute playground favourites.

Primary school is an amazing time for little people and great shoes really will make a huge difference. The Kickers website can help with:

  • A Sizing Tool for Perfect Fit
  • Free Delivery and Returns for Risk-Free Purchase
  • A Variety of Primary and Secondary School options
  • School shoes with laces, zip and velcro options
  • Easy navigation to help you find the right pair for you

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