Self-Care Your Way to a Better NHS!

How can you do your part to look after yourself.

Self-care is very important and the responsibility of us all. This new trend is simply done by taking care of both our own basic mental and physical health needs. Moreover, it takes the pressure off the National Health Service (NHS). Self-care is a combination of healthy eating, exercise, rest, sleep and supplementing with natural remedies. We all have the wonderful opportunity to do this independently or work with the healthcare system.

The NHS provides us with a good free service or low-cost healthcare, taking the edge off our anxiety, and is easily accessible to everyone. It deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours and covers everything, from antenatal screening, to emergency treatments and end-of-life care (NHS, 2017). Are we exploiting the NHS? Could this be solved by our own mindfulness towards basic self- care?

You would agree it is heart-breaking to read the propaganda surrounding this free significant healthcare framework. It is fair to say that this service is an investment to each one of us. In comparison to some international health care systems, where individuals pay an excessive amount of money, the NHS is a national treasure. Are we a nation failing to acknowledge that the amazing NHS service is disintegrating before our very eyes due to our lack of knowledge towards individual basic health?

By investing in our own individual self-care first time around and seeking advice from complimentary therapists patients can get what they need to prevent and manage their health complaints. Furthermore, avoiding unnecessary complications in the long run and takes pressure off the NHS.

There are a number of stages that we should take into consideration before calling on the NHS and only when you have addressed them should you visit your GP. Prior to calling the doctor it is advised to utilise the extended services provided to us such as NHS online information, NHS Direct free phone or talking to your local pharmacist. 

Eating healthy balanced meals with ingredients that are home grown or purchased from local farmer’s markets nourishes the body organically. In conjunction with our diets, regular exercise such as fast paced walking keeps the body strong and is good for weight management. Sleep, adequate rest and relaxation are important to switch off a busy mind.

Taking supplements in conjunction with eating well enhances your health, as it provides extra nutrients to your diet. Modern day soils are nutrient depleted due to farming methods that use pesticides and agrochemicals. There is a higher incidence of food intolerances, which also reduces digestion and absorption of key vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we have a higher requirement for vitamins and minerals, which can correct nutrient deficiencies and optimise overall health and prevent disease.

Going back to classic natural remedies plays a good part in our everyday health as they lower inflammation boost immune system defenses and fight colds, flus and allergies.

The remedies with long standing traditional use include:

Ginger can boost the immune system, ease digestive spasms and reduce inflammation which is the crux of many chronic illnesses such as arthritis, IBS and IBD.

Garlic will improve blood pressure, and help fight colds, flus and fungal overgrowth. 

Evening primrose oil improves hormonal balance, eases PMS, menopausal symptoms and dry skin and eyes.

Tumeric is known to lower inflammation and stiffness in the joints and bones and is an anti-oxidant for the brain and preventing dementia.

Gingko leaves improve cognitive function, memory and supports elasticity of blood vessels. Gingko may also help tinnitus, vertigo symptoms and blood circulation.

Green tea extract contains antioxidants which has been shown to increase concentration, focus and aid fat loss.

Seeking the advice and services from alternative complimentary practitioners available on the NHS or privately is the next stage of the level of support. These include: nutritional therapists, counsellors, chiropractors, medical herbalists, aromatherapy therapists and homeopaths.

Visit independent health store or online companies such The Good Guru where you can purchase natural remedies and products.

We all need to have a strong voice that echoes like comedian Jo Brand and appreciate the brilliance of this outstanding service. Together we must stand and do our share within self- care and support the NHS. 

Article courtesy of Sonal Shah, Head Nutritionist at The Good Guru is a quality supplement brand that offers a large range of supplements, proteins and superfoods. Formulated to support any health requirement, ‘Simply, Smartly, Honestly’ is their mission statement!

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