Safer Sleep for Baby

Moba UK share their best advice for baby’s safest sleep.

How can I ensure my baby is sleeping safely?

When a new baby arrives into the world, parents find themselves suddenly responsible for a beautiful new bundle of joy. As exciting as creating a new little family can be, it can equally be one of the biggest learning curves an adult will face. There is a lot to think about in those early days, from feeding through to nappies, sleeping, visits from family, doctors’ appointments and lots more. Undoubtedly, it can be a whirlwind in those early days and weeks so it is essential for expectant parents to read up, learn and prepare a safe environment for little one as early as they can.

A vital part of this preparation includes creating a safe and comfortable sleeping area for baby. A concern many parents consider when thinking about where their little one will sleep is the prevalence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). While SIDS is comparatively rare, it can still happen. Around 89 percent of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome deaths happen when baby is six months old or less*, proving how essential it is for parents to create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for baby from day one.

Charity, The Lullaby Trust, works to reduce the number of SIDS deaths by supporting families and providing expert advice on safer sleep. The Trust’s safer sleep advice is based on strong scientific evidence, providing simple steps on how to reduce the risk of SIDS (commonly known as cot death), day and night.

So, how can parents ensure their little one is sleeping safely? Here are some commonly asked questions:

Where is the safest place for my newborn to sleep?

The safest place for a baby to sleep is in a separate Moses basket, crib or cot, in the same room as you for the first six months—even during the day.

What type of mattress should baby sleep on?

A firm, flat and waterproof mattress is recommended.

What is the best sleeping position for my baby?

Always put your baby on their back in the ‘feet to foot’ position for every sleep, day and night. The chance of SIDS is particularly high for babies who are sometimes placed on their front or side.

What temperature should the room be for baby to sleep in?

It is vital that you make sure baby’s room is a comfortable temperature—not too hot or too cold. The chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot. Try to keep the room’s temperature between 16-20°C.

What bedding do I need?

Ideal bedding is a cotton cellular blanket tucked in or a newborn swaddle or sleep sac.

You should not use any of the below:

  • No pillows or duvets
  • No cot bumpers
  • No soft toys
  • No loose bedding
  • No products (such as wedges or straps) that keep your baby in one sleeping position.

British brand, Moba® is proud to work in partnership with The Lullaby Trust to ensure babies sleep as safely as possible. Perfectly combining stylish design with unrivalled safety features the unique Moba Moses baskets adhere to The Lullaby Trust’s guidelines on safer sleep for babies.

Moba is the only Moses basket with integrated handles designed to be strong and durable making it easy to move around the home, so they can sleep safely by your side both day and night. All baskets are made from a bespoke, hypo-allergenic plastic so they can be thoroughly washed and wiped clean. This means it is super hygienic and perfect for babies’ sensitive skin! Designed with over 300 airholes and without unnecessary frills, padding and hood to promote airflow, the Moba Moses Basket has safety at its core, without compromising on modern style and design.

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