Room by Room: The Bathroom

From chic tiling to feature walls, today’s bathrooms are luxurious havens.

Into the woods

Introducing wood into a bathroom can add warmth and texture and can provide a counterbalance to more traditional bathroom materials like glass, marble and tile, which can leave a space feeling cold. Try using wood in a feature wall, as flooring, on mirror frames or on counters. Be aware though that moisture and wood are not happy bedfellows, so using it in a room full of steam and frequent splashes can be tricky. Talk to your designer or contractor about sealing the wood (usually something polyurethane-based), or use woods that are more moisture resistant, like reclaimed teak or old-growth cypress.

True hues

Gone are the years of the avocado or beige-coloured bathroom suite—colour choices in the bathroom are becoming far more creative. Try introducing soothing blue and green tones, metallic detailing or even black or dark accents. The bold among you might want to opt for crisp white on white, for a truly minimalist look, or even statement tubs or sinks in bold black or grey.

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Pick a pattern

Adding visual interest to your bathroom often comes in the form of patterned or coloured tiles, but another way of doing so is by using basic white tiles in unusual arrangements—like herringbone, basket or windmill patterns. Use contrasting grout for a striking effect.

Welcome home

Transform your bathroom from a utilitarian space into somewhere that you want to spend time in with the addition of ambient mood lighting, custom-made cabinetry, statement mirrors and the kind of home décor and small furniture pieces that you’d typically see in the living room—like stools, arm chairs and rugs.

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