Roof Spaces and Loft Conversions

A well-designed loft conversion can add considerable value to a house—but only if it’s done properly.

Step up

Make sure you sacrifice as little space as possible for the staircase. If possible stack the new flight over the existing stairs, or if space is at a premium opt for a spiral staircase.

Pale imitation

If your loft conversion or roof space has steeply sloping walls then paint them in the same colour as the ceiling, ideally in a light shade to maximise the room’s sense of light and space. Add windows wherever you can—a bank of roof lights can make for a striking focal point.

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Be efficient

Make the room multifunctional, so a cinema room could double up as an occasional guest bedroom with the addition of a sofa bed or futon, and a master bedroom could include a desk for a home office section.

Quietly does it

It’s key that you insulate your flooring, particularly if you’re thinking of putting wooden flooring down, as this could create noise for people in the rooms below.

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