Thanks to Brunswick Sardines for their support of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

Remembering the Platinum Jubilee – Commemorative Gifts to Treasure

During any Royal event, the commemorative memorabilia market is always sent into a frenzy and flooded with all kinds of items – from tea towels to plates to cushions and bunting. Below we have highlighted a few items and collections with which you can get excited about for the Queen’s 70th Jubilee.

You could enjoy the stylings of the 50s alongside the TV specials, street parties and extra Bank Holidays that will accompany the event. The company banking on this desire is retro design house 20th Century Cloth, who want to show that 50s interior design, just like the Queen, continues to inspire us.

Of the 50s, founder Helen Snell says that it was “a tremendous time for interior design. A design revolution was taking off across the world and the mid-century modern styling we are so familiar with today was emerging. The demand for functional, practical furnishings soared as homeowners continued to rebuild their homes in post-war Britain. Design also became more inspirational. Women like Lucienne Day and Marion Mahler were breaking new ground with abstract designs and the imminent space race gave rise to astro-inspired patterns and prints.

Starlight Retro ’50s Shoulder Bag from 20th Century Cloth

“For me, the 50s was an era where designers looked to the future with hope and ambition, while fulfilling the need to create furniture and furnishings that not only appealed to the masses but could also be easily reproduced. It was a time for rebuilding – and boy did we do it in style!”

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