Reggae, Ruck and Roll: Taking Pride in Jamaican Rugby

Get ready for delicious, Jamaican recipes designed to nourish you and keep you coming back for more, as the UK’s leading, world food ambassadors take to the stage.

In preparation for another sizzling summer of sun and sport, world food pioneers are proud to announce their sponsorship of the Jamaica UK National Rugby 7s team, who are affectionately known as the UK Reggae Crocs.

Speaking of the team, Tropical Sun Marketing manager Julz Davis said, “Jamaica is renowned for its cool runnings, reggae and rum, rather than ruck and a scrum, so as the first ever Caribbean country to have qualified for the Rugby 7s World Cup in 2018, this is an amazing achievement.”

The Battle Ahead at Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics

More recently at the Hong Kong 7s tournament, the Crocs have tested themselves against some of the best teams in the world. Battle-hardened, they are now back in the UK and ready to ruck and roll as part of their next big push towards qualifying for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.  In this regard, their next big International tournament is a must win game at the 2019 Rugby North America Sevens on 6 – 7th July 2019 at George Town in the Cayman Islands.

The Jamaica UK National Rugby 7s team manager Hughton Campbell, acknowledges the hard work that has gone into developing the team which is largely made-up of UK based players with Jamaican heritage. Hughton said “With no dedicated rugby pitches in Jamaica, Rugby 7s on the island is in its infancy. Recruiting players from the UK has been crucial to developing the sport through a group of readymade and hungry players.”

Nutritious Ingredients to Capture Jamaican Authenticity

Sponsors will encapsulate the taste of Jamaica, with products produced in Central Village, St. Catherine’s, alongside featuring a ‘Proud To Be Made in Jamaica’ badge on the packaging. Using mostly authentic Jamaican ingredients, they have created a scrumptious set of recipes to aid recovery and performance during and after games and to help boost training. These recipes include a Crocfast (Croc breakfast) that uses our hand-picked ackees, which is the national fruit of Jamaica and its national dish.”

Research highlights ackee is a super-food, packed with a range of essential vitamins and nutrients, that contributes towards boosting protein power, stamina and bone strength.

Other products featuring in the Crocfast includes the Great Taste award-winning Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and Scotch Bonnet Sauce. Additionally, out of a wide range of world foods, a nutritious and non-alcoholic Croctail (cocktail) has been created. Harnessing 100% natural Coconut Water to design a post-work out smoothie to help rehydrate and replenish energy as quickly as possible. Also, the Coconut Water on its own will be used to help re-energise players during their competitive tournaments and games, which form part of their UK tour and Olympic qualification campaign.

Over the summer you will catch both the Crocs and a taste of authentic, delicious Jamaican Food at Europe’s largest festival of music and sport, the Bournemouth 7s (May 25th-26th).  Then on May 27th, the Crocs will be making a guest appearance at Afro Hair & Beauty Live to show off their tackling skills.

The pioneers of world food, Tropical Sun, are proud to announce their sponsorship of the Jamaica UK National Rugby 7s team, who are affectionately known as the UK Reggae Crocs.  

Tropical Sun’s journey emerged in 1996, after they began importing a few specialist ingredients and daily essentials for the UK’s thriving ethnic communities. As word spread, Tropical Sun started receiving requests for specific items from homelands far-afield: spices, oils, drinks and snacks that helped people stay connected to their cultures.  Now, their products are available in independent stores and supermarkets across the UK, sharing the food helps bring people together!

Tropical Sun plan to mark the 67th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence in August by linking up the rugby team with schools based in Central Village Jamaica

For more information about the Crocs, tour info and the new scrumptious range of recipes from Tropical Sun head to: or #TryTropicalSun.

And to watch a fascinating documentary about Tropical Sun’s super food, Ackee, visit

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