Reducing Excessive Heat in Conservatories

Conservatories are a great extension, offering a light airy extension to any home. However, some conservatories with modern glazing can become too hot even on overcast days. The sun’s glare can also be equally irritating all year round. But how do homeowners usually go about reducing excessive heat in conservatories?

The first action for a conservatory owner is usually to buy roof blinds, unfortunately they can cost a small fortune but they can also block your view looking out, making the room dark. Installing blinds still may not control the solar heat gain being experienced in your conservatory. Blinds also require regular cleaning and maintenance, you may find you spend a lot of time clearing dead insects or trapped dust from them.

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Why conservatory blinds do not keep you cool

Whilst conservatory blinds provide protection against glare, they do not combat summer heat build up. The sun’s solar energy passes through the roof glazing, trapping between the blind fabric and the double glazed unit, creating a layer of hot air. Even a solar reflective blind will not push the heat out through the low E-coating of modern glass quick enough. The hot air will naturally travel to the lower cooler air in the conservatory and rather than reducing excessive heat in conservatories it will increase room temperatures. With some u-PVC conservatories, excessive heat build-up caused by the blinds may distort and damage the plastic trims.

Conservatory blinds will also reduce the natural light entering the conservatory, making the conservatory and rooms behind it darker. Blinds also obscure your view, trap dust and dead insects, making cleaning a regular chore. Continuous exposure to the sun’s energy will deteriorate the fabric and plastic fittings, drying them out and causing them to become brittle.

So what is the solution?

By applying a spectrally selective solar control window film to your existing glazing, you will see a reduction of excessive heat absorption by up to 82% and glare by up to 94%, whilst allowing the natural light in and maintaining a clear view out with minimum fuss and no maintenance. 

Window films are virtually invisible with a very low reflectance surface similar to glass. Solar control window films work more effectively at reducing excessive heat in conservatories than most conservatory shading or cooling systems, they can also normally be installed in one day with minimal fuss. Window films can be safely applied to most modern glazing systems meaning there is no need to change your existing windows. There is a very specific process to manufacturing window films; the hardwearing transparent layers of high quality polyester are metallised using sputtering technology that imbeds metal and ceramic particles in to the surface. These films are then laminated with special adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and tough protective scratch resistant coating. This ensures an even application, long lasting colour and excellent solar performance for many years.

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One particularly renowned supplier of quality solar controlled window films is UK Window Films, an official Which? ‘trusted trader’Unlike the common shiny-mirrored reflective window films that are available on the market today, their products consist of high performance technology which works by filtering out select wavelengths of the sun’s infrared radiation by using ceramic and precious metals.

Their window films are perfect for a home environment where maintaining the aesthetic of the existing glazing is vital whilst upholding a luminous interior. They include a free quotation and advice service and a 12-year manufacturers and workmanship warranty to insure against bubbles, discolouration, delamination and cracking.

To find out more about UK Window Films’ products and services, visit their website:

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