Reaching the UK’s Most Remote Food Destinations

Get to those sought-after hard to reach places for great food.

Motoring across the UK can enable you access to the most difficult-to-reach places where the food is sublime but local transport poses a challenge. Journey with us on a food tour of the UK, made possible by your automobile.  

The UK has a world of wonderful cuisines to sample: from the vibrant curries in Birmingham to the exotic street food in London. But if you are a real food fanatic, you may be tired of being one of thousands to sample the new ‘trendy’ restaurant. You may wish to make a culinary discovery of your own; one that is far away from the bustling crowds and noise pollution of the city. There are numerous hidden gems dotted around the remotest parts of the British Isles waiting to be discovered. So what’s holding you back?

Some individuals may feel slightly put off by the lack of access to some locations, but don’t be deterred. In this modern age of satnavs and good sign posting, nothing should stop you from venturing out to some of the most beautiful spots in the UK—sampling delicious food while you’re at it. Here we outline the best ways of reaching the UK’s most remote food destinations in your car.

The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scotland is generally known for its fresh produce and proud attitude towards good quality food. Contrary to popular belief, there are far more places to venture than Edinburgh and far more delicacies to sample than haggis. In the Isle of Skye, located in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, fishing is a main source of procuring sustenance. This small island houses some of the freshest seafood, transporting the day’s catch straight to your plate. Coincidentally, the Isle of Skye is home to some of the most celebrated Michelin star restaurants in the world, The Three Chimneys in Dunvegan being one of them. Getting around the island is no easy task, so having your own car is imperative. Discover the rugged coves and blustering landscapes in your own vehicle; cross on the ferry and you will have no limitations. One thing is certain, this remote food destination is not to be missed.

Cartmel, England

Cartmel is becoming known as the food-lover’s village of England and we can see why. With its rolling hills and a wondrous range of high-quality eateries, there isn’t much to dislike. Located near the Lake District, it may seem like a bit of a hike, but in fact is only a five-hour car journey from central London. No visit to the area would be complete without dining at L’Enclume—presenting beautiful views and an unbeatable seasonal menu. Succulent ingredients and inventive flourishes such as smoked beetroot make this restaurant an unmissable attraction. Spend the weekend enjoying the country air and touring the scenic routes of the English countryside.

Corwen, Wales

Reaching the remote hills and blissfully rugged lands of Wales doesn’t have to be a chore—most paths to this part of Britain are actually very straightforward. Once you encounter the serene nature that settles here, you will be glad you ventured further afield. Surprisingly, Corwen has a hidden culinary secret: the Rhug Estate. This award-winning farm has revolutionised the concept of ‘fresh’ with its adjoining restaurant—The Bison Grill—that preaches the concept of field-to-fork. They farm it, you eat it—it’s as simple as that. You will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the country that provides such quality food. Local transport is scarce in these parts, so having your own vehicle is highly recommended. Make a weekend of it and check out all of the other wonderful sights in this remote food destination.

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