Potty Training – All the Facts in a Handy Box

It’s a tricky subject, but there is help for potty training your toddler. We ask the experts from Potty Training Box for advice

At what age should potty training start?

There is no specific age that you must begin potty training, but ideally start from two years old or even earlier if possible. Your child can usually walk independently and tell you what they want by then. We recommend looking for the signs we list here to check if your child is ready for potty training.

How long should potty training take?

We developed a 7-day training programme. This way you have time to teach your child how to use the potty, let them tell you when they have to go or when they need to hold their pee, and then you can show them how to use a ‘grown-up’ toilet. Potty training your child in a week is an intensive undertaking, but trust us, it’s totally worth it.

How was the programme developed?

We researched potty training and we learned from experience too; we potty trained our own three children! We developed this programme based on these experiences and we focused on making it as simple as possible, with an easy step-by-step format. The Potty Training Box has also been reviewed and approved by childcare experts.

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How intensive is the programme?

Ideally, plan a week off so that you can stay at home and focus full attention on your child. Believe us, the time you put into this is more than worth it when you’re free of nappies!

What is included with the training package?

In the box, you will find a guide to the programme, a training programme booklet, instruction cards for each day, a schedule, sticker cards, stickers, and a certificate for success!

It also includes access to a private Facebook community where you can hear the experiences of other parents who have taken the potty training programme. You can ask us and the community questions too.

How much does it cost?

The Potty Training Box is available for only £29.95. You can also buy extra sets of sticker cards complete with stickers and a certificate if you want to use the Potty Training Box again for another child or simply for when you need a reward system.

How does the Facebook community support the programme?

Every child is unique and we understand that. The private Facebook community allows you to ask questions about your issues with potty training in real-time. We’re also available on the page to answer your questions and support you during your potty training journey.

What if my child doesn’t respond to rewards?

Every child is unique and you are the best judge of what works for your child. Instead of rewarding with presents, why not try something different such as an experience? Presents do tend to work, as long as you are consistent. Every full sticker card comes with a reward. If you are enthusiastic, your child will be too!

How much can the programme save me on nappies and wipes?

You can save between £30-60 pounds every month. Imagine what you’ll do with the extra cash!

Where do I find out more about Potty Training Box?

Check out our website at Pottytrainingbox.co.uk

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