Pontins to get make over to beat rivals

Pontins holiday camps are to get a ‘Disney-style’ make over, the new owner has revealed

The camp has been attracting holiday-makers across the UK since it first opened in 1946.

However, with strong competition from rival holiday camps, including Butlins, the camp was struggling to survive until Alex Langsam bought the company last month.

As part of his renovation plans, Langsam has revealed that he wants to give the camp a ‘Disney-style’ make over so as to emulate some of the things that the Disney resorts are famous for.

He said, ‘If I go to the Disney site in Florida, I’m back to being a child.’

However he has revealed that the Bluecoat entertainers will stay at the camp.

‘The Bluecoats will stay because if it ain’t broke you don’t fix it.’

The camp has previously been critisised by leisure industry experts

Pontins currently has five camps across the UK, including one in Somerset, Sussex and on the Welsh resort of Prestatyn.

By Lauren King

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