Pick the right shoes this summer

From summer flats to six-inch stilettos, we all love buying a new pair of shoes but the fun can soon disapear when they leave us in pain

As pretty as your new shoes may be, it is important to check that they fit correctly before you walk out of the shop.

To avoid buying ill-fitting shoes, Senbaga Needhirajan, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at BMI Lincoln Hospital, advises:

1. Check the size of both feet before buying shoes. The feet size can vary. Choose the big foot size.

2. Check foot sizes at the end of day as the foot can swell towards the evening.

3. Wear the kind of socks you would normally wear when trying on shoes.

4. Walk forwards and backwards to make sure the shoe does not lift off from the back. Shoes should not ride up and down in the heel while walking.

5. Choose shoes that are wider in the front to avoid putting pressure onto the toes. Toes should have good support but not too tight.

6. Check that the sole is not slippery.
7. Children need the shoe sizes checked once every six months until they are six years old  and then at least once in eight months until they are 10 years old.

8. With children’s shoes, it is very important to ensure that they  are not too loose and not too tight. Laced or velcro, should be firm and comfortable

9. High heeled shoes are not for everyday use. They can cause contracture of the achilles tendon as well as long term deformities and discomforts.  


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