A Personal Approach to Vitamins for Your Kids

What are the essential vitamins and minerals for kids, and how can you make sure they get the correct combination? We asked the expert from Nourished

Why are vitamins important, particularly for growing children?

Vitamins and minerals are important for everyone; they perform lots of essential roles within the body, but are particularly important for children as they grow and develop. Vitamins can help with healthy bones, eyesight, the immune system, supporting energy levels and cognitive development, as well as a whole host of other functions within the body. Nourished Kids gummy vitamins are personalised to your child, to support their individual needs.

What are the most important vitamins and what do they do?

There’s a range of essential vitamins that our bodies need; every Nourished Kids vitamin is carefully formulated, containing a core blend of these essential vitamins to support your child’s development. These include Vegan Vitae-algae D3™ which supports your child’s bone growth and development, and supports the normal function of the immune system in children, as well as Vitamin B12 which supports energy levels, and normal development of cardiovascular health .

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Why are some people’s diets lacking in vitamins?

A lack of variety and not enough healthy fruits and veggies mean that many diets are lacking in vitamins. This is even more true when it comes to kids, who can be notoriously picky eaters! This is why we introduced Nourished Kids; not only personalised to your child’s nutritional needs, but with three tasty flavours to choose from (blackcurrant, orange or strawberry) as well as a sweet or sour sugar-free coating.

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Nourished vitamins

What’s the importance of minerals and other nutrients in diet?

Just like the essential vitamins that our bodies need to function, there are a range of minerals that our bodies need too. Every Nourished Kids gummy is carefully formulated, containing a core blend of these essential minerals to support your child’s health. These include iron, which contributes to normal cognitive development in children, and zinc, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

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How can I find out which vitamins, mineral and other nutrients my children need?

By simply completing our quick online consultation – you can get the kids involved in answering our questions too, with some designed specially for youngsters. These take into account lifestyle factors such as screen time, diet and level of physical activity, as well as overall health. Using these answers, our proprietary algorithm recommends the nutrients best suited for your child’s individual needs. These are added to the core blend which every Nourished Kids stack contains.

Why is a personalised approach to diet supplements valuable?

Through our personalisation process we recommend the nutrients your body actually needs – this is then 3D printed into a daily gummy, which is enjoyable for kids and adults alike to eat. Our personalisation process means that every personalised Nourished and Nourished Kids stack we sell is printed fresh-to-order, meaning the active ingredients included are fresh and effective. The pectin gel we use to print is absorbed like any other food, making Nourished stacks high impact.

Nourished vitamins

How are Nourished stacks made?

Every personalised purchase of Nourished is 3D printed fresh-to-order. Our world-first patented 3D printing technology and gel encapsulation process mean we can include multiple active ingredients in just one tasty gummy. This method also means the ingredients in Nourished are high impact – we encapsulate the active ingredients into our patented vegan hydrocolloid gel, so your body digests Nourished like any other food, making for better absorption.

Are Nourished stacks suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
All Nourished and Nourished Kids stacks are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Are there any nasty chemicals in Nourished products?

We know what goes into your kids bodies is incredibly important, which is why we’ve made sure that just like our adult range, every Nourished Kids stack is none GMO, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and uses no artificial flavours or colours – absolutely no nasties, just Nourishment!

Where do I find out more about Nourished?








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