Improving Male Pelvic Health Naturally

Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer in men. Over 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that’s 129 men every day. One in eight men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. Over 330,000 men are living with and after prostate cancer. Thankfully with modern treatment methods and with early detection, survival rates are high.

However, treatment (prostate removal by surgery / radiotherapy / hormone treatment etc) can cause a gamut of short and sometimes longer term medical issues that can significantly impact on your quality of life, including erectile dysfunction, penile shortening and minor or severe stress urinary incontinence.


iMEDicare is a medical device distributorship started in 2004 specialising in home use patient devices for improved pelvic health. Our motto is “Pelvic Health Naturally” based on the principle of either managing or treating pelvic health problems in a safe, low cost, non-invasive fashion using market leading devices, and natural physiotherapeutic principles for tissue fitness and improvement.

Surgical removal of the prostate will often involve partial and sometimes complete removal of the bladder sphincter muscle (directly neighbouring the prostate at the bladder neck). On occasions there is also necessary removal of the functional external urethral sphincter and potential damage to other local pelvic floor muscles and nerves which are in close proximity to the Prostate. All of this surgical trauma can lead to stress urinary incontinence (S.U.I.) i.e. when external pressure is applied to the bladder some urine content can be forced out, such as when you sneeze or laugh or bend over.

BioDerm XLS

SUI can affect up to 40% of patients in the days and months post-op. These minor leakages can be very embarrassing and restrict your confidence to engage in normal day to day activities. Disposable pads can be a great help, but are not hugely environmentally friendly and are indeed costly over time.


We all want to get out and be active – but what if you are one of 1 in 10 men who leak with exercise or coughing? Or you are one of the up to 40% of men suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence (S.U.I.) Post-Prostatectomy? Extra pressure on the bladder with energetic movements can be just enough to allow the urine to spill.

iMEDicare Pelvic Health Naturally offers a comprehensive range of smart re-useable incontinence management solutions that are wearable and re-useable.

For light urinary incontinence:

Wearever Washables are a stylish range (briefs to boxers) of incontinence underwear with built in absorption ranging from 150-650 ml (up to 250 washes) in a variety of colours and sizes up to 5X. Full refund within 30 days on a three-pack or switch to another style.

The Pacey Cuff and Wearever Washables

The Pacey Cuff Ultra Urethral Control Device is the all new discrete self-managed wearable that offers instant relief from Stress Urinary Leaks – ideal for any outdoors or social occasion. Wrapped comfortably around the penile shaft in three size options whilst protecting blood circulation, the padded urethral bridge controls leaks.

Moderate to heavy urinary incontinence:

For heavier urine incontinence of all types, the Afex Core Bodyworn Urinal Device is practically a Portaloo strapped to your body. Featuring an ergonomic jock-strap style brief that houses a durable penile receptacle, urine leakages small and large drain effortlessly into a double sealed collection bag on the inner thigh. Available on NHS Prescription.

Afex Core Bodyworn Urinal Device

24 hour leakage

The BioDerm XLS (OVAL) male external penile glans petal sheath device is ideal for men with a retracted penile anatomy or whose body shape makes fitting a conventional penile sheath difficult. A Hydrocolloid adhesive provides a strong skin friendly seal around the urethra directing urine to the leg / bed bag of your choice. Available on NHS prescription.

Choose Life – not leaks!

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