Patio Design Styles That Will Enhance Your Outdoor Space

A patio can have the ability to improve any home especially if you have an abundance of space to work with. It’s key that you make the most of whatever outdoor space you have and develop it into a beautiful and inviting area for everyone to use all year round, especially when the sun is out. Regardless, if you want to build a patio, you must have one built that can adapt whatever the weather, rain, or shine. So here are five patio design ideas that could significantly improve your outdoor area.

1: Split-Level

When it comes to adding another level to your outdoor space, nothing much beats a split-level patio. This type of patio gives you a chance to express your creativity. An advantage of this style compared to others is that it can augment two different areas such as a dining area and a lounge area, making for a spectacular look and socializing heaven. Additionally, a separate level for your patio area would allow for more freedom and creativity with additions such as lighting or flowers.

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2: Stone

There are a wide variety of stones you could choose from if you decide on this type of patio style. Whether it be slate or quartzite, yorkstone or bluestone, flagstone or limestone, you can’t really go wrong. One of the biggest advantages of having a stone patio is that it is low maintenance. No running repairs would need to be done plus any dirt or mildew can be easily swept off without any trouble. Also, when in the heat, there is no need to worry about turning your feet into hotdogs because stone doesn’t trap heat.

3: Mosaic

If you are looking to really ‘WOW’ your friends and family, then a mosaic patio would prove to do exactly that. There are a plethora of tiles you can choose from that ooze class and once styled can look prove to look very impressive, a reason why they are becoming more and more popular. With this style of the patio, you can attempt to design a specific pattern, symbol, or even picture, perhaps something that means a lot to you personally.

4: Circular

Attaching a rounded-style patio within your outdoor area will create a focal point for your garden. Furthermore, compared so some other styles, a more rounded-shaped design can deliver a softer, more elegant feel. The design can also help with seating arrangements and have a barbeque or firepit at the centerpiece, giving a cosier vibe to the area.

5: Brick

If you have the right shape to allow for you to have this, then a brick patio could be an extremely appealing choice. However, it is important that choose a brickwork pattern that would complement your garden. Two of the most enticing characteristics of having a brick patio are that they are affordable and long-lasting. They cost less than stone patio designs and if there is damage found on a brick, it can be replaced with ease.

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