Pale skinned people don’t get enough vitamin D

People with pale skin may need to take supplements to ensure that they get enough vitamin D, experts have revealed

The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, found that although pale people may not be deficient, they might lack the correct amount of vitamin D in their system.

It was found that even when they are exposed to lots of sunshine, these people were still unable to make enough of the vitamin. These results showed that an increase in sun exposure is not the way to achieve higher vitamin D levels in fair skinned people, but researchers suggested that taking a supplement could work instead.

People with a vitamin D deficiency are already advised to take supplements but it has now been suggested that pale-skinned people should be added to this list.

Most people gain their recommended level of vitamin D by sitting in the sun for 10-15 minutes each day. The vitamin can also be found in some foods, including tuna, sardines and salmon.

Commenly referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D can help to prevent illnesses such as rickets.

Hazel Nunn, from Cancer Research UK, said, ‘If people are concerned about their vitamin D levels, they should see their doctor who may recommend a vitamin D test.’


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