For Decorating Success, Bin the Brush and Pick up a Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers have all kinds of advantages over brushes, and are suitable for loads of decorating jobs in the home and garden. We asked the experts at Wagner SprayTech to explain.

What are the advantages of paint sprayers over a brush?

Painting with a sprayer is faster and easier than working with a brush or roller and the main reason why, once you’ve tried spraying, you’ll never want to go back. There are a number of other reasons why spraying will improve your painting life, head over to for a number of videos and articles which will show you why you should be spraying!

How do I choose the right type of paint sprayer for my job?

We have a sprayer for every project type. Need to do some fine finish work sprucing up the garden fences and furniture? Use one of our Wood&Metal Sprayers or a Universal Sprayer with Wood&Metal attachment. Looking to paint a room? Try a Universal Sprayer with Wall Extra attachment or an Airless system to revolutionise the way you look at renovating your home.

What sort of paints are suitable for use with sprayers?

Most water- and solvent-based paint types are usable with our sprayers, with a little care and preparation in diluting and selecting the right settings. Steer clear of anything textured though as it could end up damaging your equipment!

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Can I use paint sprayers safely indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely, the key is preparation. Make sure you cover anything you don’t want to accidentally paint, using masking tapes, dust sheets and plastic covers. When spraying outdoors ensure it isn’t too windy and use smooth, controlled motion to ensure you aren’t spraying anywhere you shouldn’t.

Wagner SprayTech indoors

Is it easy to clean a paint sprayer after use?

The process and time to clean differ a little depending on if you use water- or solvent-based paints but it comes down to taking a little time to flush clean fluid through the units multiple times and clean accessories or parts paint’s touched. Cleaning can range from anywhere between 10-20 minutes with a little practice and is essential in prolonging the life of your sprayer.

How does HEA technology work and how does it improve on existing systems?

HEA, or High Efficiency Airless, technology is used in our range of Airless sprayers and has a number of benefits. Using HEA you can reduce overspray by up to 55%, when compared to traditional Airless technology, due to working at a reduced spray pressure. The added advantage of this is an improved, softer spray pattern and increased service life of the unit.

Which Wagner model is my best choice for garden jobs like sheds, decking and fencing?

Wagner’s Fence & Decking Sprayer would be the one for you! This sprayer comes with a larger Wood&Metal attachment and is extremely portable meaning you can move around a variety of projects with ease.

Where can I buy Wagner products?

We have a large distribution network and you can find us at most well-known DIY or Retail stores throughout the country. Try searching for us online and browse our extended ranges!

What warranty is offered on Wagner products?

Wagner offer a 3+1 Manufacturers Guarantee on all of our Consumer products. 3 years as standard and another year absolutely free when you register the product online within 30 days of purchase.

Where do I find out more about Wagner?

Head over to for the latest news and guidance on everything Wagner!

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