What Are the Top Causes of Pain in the Over-50s?

Leg and foot pain is a common problem in the over-50s – but is there anything you can do about it at home? We ask the experts from Vytaliving

  • What are the main causes of leg and foot pain?
    As ageing occurs, one of the most common causes of foot and leg pain, aside from issues such as arthritis, can be circulatory issues in the lower legs. Swelling, tiredness and heaviness in legs and feet are symptomatic of challenges with circulation. It can be painful and uncomfortable, especially with increased levels of inactivity as we get older.

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  • How can circulation in the legs and feet be improved?
    There are many ways to improve circulation. The simple act of walking and general exercise can encourage positive blood circulation. Stretching, seated posture, an improved diet, smoking cessation are all ways to improve circulation. However, some of the above, especially exercise can be more challenging as we get older. The CirculationMaxx Reviver helps with this from the comfort of your armchair using innovative and effective technology.

  • How does the CirculationMaxx Reviver work – what is EMS?
    CirculationMaxx works using non-invasive drug-free technology defined as Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS. Once seated, place your feet on the machine’s footpads. The silent and gentle electrical current signals into your lower legs. In turn, this stimulates the lower leg muscles, contracting and relaxing the calf muscles in particular – as one would experience when walking or exercising. This in turn has been scientifically proven to help increase circulation and reduce some of the symptoms as previously described.
CirculationMaxx 2
  • How often and for how long should it be used?
    It is recommended that the machine should be used for at least 30 minutes a day from the comfort of your sofa or armchair. However, we are all individuals and may feel the benefit of longer sessions which is perfectly fine. Find out what suits your needs best and when you start noticing improvements in your symptoms. The machine has adjustable intensity and timer for up to 60 minutes.

  • Can it also be used on other parts of the body?
    The CirculationMaxx Reviver comes complete with a pack of 4 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)  pads that connect to the machine using nice long leads for use on other parts of the body where you may suffer pain and discomfort. Using the same EMS, the pads act to transfer the stimulation to other parts of the body – shoulders, arms, torso, quickly, gently but effectively.

  • Is CirculationMaxx Reviver suitable for diabetics?
    Absolutely – a lot of symptoms caused by poor circulation are often linked with diabetes. EMS via the CirculationMaxx reviver is the perfect soothing treatment for this.

  • Is it safe and easy to use?
    CirculationMaxx Reviver is perfectly safe and easy to use with clear instructions. Simply switch the machine on, place your feet and off you go. Adjust the timer and intensity to suit. The machine can be manually operated or using the handy battery-operated remote control. The machine is mains powered and, compact and slimline for easy and discreet storage.

    However, as an important note the machine should not be used if you have a pacemaker or current Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or cardiovascular problems, are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy. If you are unsure whether to use this machine, then you should always consult your doctor first.
  • Can I try CirculationMaxx reviver at home?
    Yes – in fact, we encourage it. The machine comes with a 100-day no-quibble guarantee. If you are not satisfied at any point or find it is not making a difference, then you are welcome to return for a full refund. However, we are confident you won’t want to after feeling the benefit it brings!

  • Where do I find out more about CirculationMaxx Reviver?
    The best place to find out more about CirculationMaxx Reviver is at www.vytaliving.com. Vytaliving Ltd are health and wellbeing experts with over 30 years experience and have exclusively developed this device. Whilst there are others on the market that are more expensive, Vytaliving’s machine is as effective and scientifically proven to work. Not to mention, the CirculationMaxx Reviver comes with a 3-year warranty, all for £99.99 with over 250,000 sold worldwide. You need look no further for a great device to help you should you suffer with some of the problems that arise from poor circulation. If you don’t have access to the internet, then please call the friendly team on 01562 752700 and they will help with any questions you may have.

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