Our Guide to Saving Space

Clever space-saving solutions can de-clutter and organise your home whilst also making it a more comfortable place to live, so why not try a few from our guide to saving space?

Having too many things—and not enough space to store them—is a problem that seems to plague everyone nowadays. As living spaces get smaller and more expensive to rent and buy (especially in big cities) we are often faced with a dilemma: to keep or to give away? Clever space-saving solutions can de-clutter and organise your home whilst also making it a more comfortable place to live, so why not try a few from our guide to saving space?

Custom closets

Instead of buying ready-made wardrobes, why not consider spending a little more money, taking measurements and commissioning a custom-built piece of furniture to maximise your storage space? Fitting snugly from wall to wall and all the way to the ceiling, these made-to-order items are designed to utilise all the nooks and crannies in a room—whether that is in the study, master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room—whilst also keeping spaces in order. You’ll be able to decide on a design and select from a range of accessories, embellishments and finishes to make sure your space-saving closet is tailored to your needs. 

Elevated rooms

Suitable for homes with taller ceilings—and popular in bustling cities like London and New York—suspended rooms are an effective way of taking full advantage of smaller living spaces like lofts and studio apartments. To make a small living room area more spacious, you might consider installing a ‘middle floor’ situated just under the ceiling—and firmly supported by a wall—with a narrow staircase leading up to it. This way, you’ll still be able to use the space below this extra floor level whilst also having an additional living area to make your own.

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Under the stairs

We could all benefit from having some additional space in our homes—more often than not, storage fixes and clever space-saving solutions are hiding in plain sight. You can make stairs work double duty by using the empty space under them to your advantage. Use the extra room for smart shoe storage and linen airing by installing bespoke panel doors and drawer runners or purchasing a modern step cube shelf to maximise space.

Bedroom storage

The bedroom is, arguably, the one room in the house that needs the most storage space—and perhaps the one with the least amount of it. When choosing a new bed for your home opt for one with plenty of storage space underneath. Custom-fit wall, folding and hideaway beds are all great space-saving options as they can convert even the smallest box rooms into fully functional bedrooms with additional storage.

Vacuum packing

Extremely useful when doing your seasonal wardrobe change, storing extra clothes and packing intelligently for an upcoming holiday, vacuum packing can be a true game changer when looking to save considerable amounts of space. By simply removing air with a vacuum, these bags are likely to store around four times more and can also protect your clothes and fabrics from damp, pests, mould and dust. Where you store them is up to you: due to their compact nature, these vacuum-packed bags can fit under beds and in small wardrobe and cupboard spaces.

Simple space-saving furniture swaps

•   If you need more work counter space in the kitchen, consider decorating vertically and installing a flip-down shelf table that you can swiftly store away when not in use. This extra bit of retractable furniture can also act as a breakfast bar.

•   Choose a sofa bed instead of a regular couch for your living room so it can double up as a guest bed.

•   Opt for a coffee table with storage space underneath or a desk that can be used as a dining table if your living room is also your office space.

•   For the dining room, consider drop leaf tables that can be easily extended in the event of a dinner party or a night in with friends. Foldable chairs can be put away and hung up on the wall and stacking chairs are also a must.

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