On The Hunt For Perfect Skin

Although a solid beauty routine can help keep skin smooth, firm and healthy, common skin problems can occur anyway due to a wide range of factors

Ageing, exposure to environmental elements, genes and viruses can all take a toll on our skin’s appearance. As our body’s protective ‘layer’, our skin comes into contact with a lot of germs, irritants and chemicals; meaning this delicate organ is almost always under stress. However, achieving perfect skin isn’t impossible—the most common conditions can be managed and treated with a variety of products and techniques. 

Dark under-eye circles

A lack of sleep and poor diet are both to blame for this aesthetic condition. Diminish these circles by eating more nutrient-rich foods, drinking more water and taking part in relaxing activities like yoga. To prevent dark circles, don’t rub your eyes—this can rupture blood vessels in the delicate under-eye area—and wear sunglasses whenever exposed to sunlight. As far as products go, try repairing eye serums and correcting eye creams.  

Excessive oil

Staying away from all kinds of moisturisers may be the best way to combat excessively oily skin. According to leading dermatologists, the oil your skin naturally produces is the best moisturiser. Wash your face with oil-free cleansers and products with salicylic acid—these prevent breakouts, too.

Dark spots & hyperpigmentation

Localised increase in melanin is a known result of UV exposure. To tackle skin blemishes of this kind, exfoliation is paramount: this cleansing technique promotes cell turnover, which in turn reduces the pigmentation of dark spots. Cosmetic dermatologists can also effectively remove or reduce the appearance of age spots on the skin through simple procedures. 

Extra dry skin

For those battling common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, dry skin can seem like a perennial curse. The most important thing to consider is dry skin isn’t just an external problem—it should be treated from the inside out. Consume fish oil containing the essential omega 3 acids and blackcurrant seed oil containing omega 6 acids. Apply replenishing oil and body balm for extra moisture.

Fine lines & wrinkles

Most women are guilty of applying too many products on their skin, a habit that can cause premature signs of ageing. Over-cleansing and over-exfoliating may also cause fine lines and wrinkles, as these actions can over-stimulate the skin. Dermatologists advise to apply SPF lotion with zinc or titanium and use vitamin A-based products and potent antioxidants on a daily basis to safeguard the skin’s youthful glow. 


In addition to hormones and a poor diet, stress and sweating can also cause the skin to flare up in the form of acne. As this is a medical condition, it’s best to see a doctor for proper treatment. However, using OTC acne treatments and clarifying toners, consuming omega 3 fatty acids and reducing the amount of dairy in your diet may also help. 

Large pores

Pores are the small openings on the surface of the skin through which oils are released. When these become large, they can cause frustration as well as a wide range of skin problems. Speak to your dermatologist; they’ll be able to recommend effective treatments for improving the appearance of your skin. Even though, in some cases, large pores can be hereditary, they can also be caused by trapped oil and skin cells. 


A common inflammatory disease manifesting in the form of rose-coloured patches on the skin, rosacea isn’t life-threatening but it can give self-esteem a hit. Although the condition requires prescription drugs, self-care is extremely important for its management too; pinpoint what leads to flare-ups—whether that is the sun or certain foods—and minimise exposure to those particular things.

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