What is the Importance of Omega 3 for Kids?

These fatty acids are essential for kids, but sometimes they don’t get enough in their diets. We ask the experts from Minami for advice

What is Omega 3 and why is it important for health?
Omega 3s are essential fatty acids, that cannot be produced naturally by the body and therefore needs to be obtained by the diet. They have proven health effects throughout life, whilst we are developing in the womb, during our childhood and in adulthood too. Benefits include brain, heart and visual health as well as helping to maintain healthy triglyceride levels and normal blood pressure. Omega-3s are particularly important for children as they help support brain and vision development. There is also growing evidence that Omega 3s may also help the skin and our microbiome to stay healthy too.

Why do we sometimes need Omega 3 supplements?
Unfortunately our diets are not always plentiful in Omega 3s, since they are primarily found in oily fish. These should be eaten at least once or twice a week to maintain adequate levels. Many people, especially children are not keen on the taste of fish and therefore are unlikely to eat enough Omega 3 in their diet. Supplements are a good way to safeguard against low intakes and also to top up your Omega-3 levels if you already eat some fish. With many different formats available in the MINAMI range, most people will find one that they are happy to take and works well for them.

What is the process used to extract fish oil in Minami products?
MINAMI uses a unique processing method to extract their fish oils, called Supercritical Extraction. This doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or solvents which are used traditionally to extract omega 3s, but the gas CO2 instead, which can achieve much higher concentrations and purity. This technique also uses less heat, which maintains good stability of the oil and is also better for the environment than conventional methods. What’s more the products don’t leave a fishy aftertaste in the mouth, nor smell of fish, as seen in many other brands available. MINAMI DHA+EPA Liquid Kids + Vitamin D has also a natural orange and berry flavour, making it a perfect choice for the little ones.

How much Omega 3 do I need?
The NHS recommends that adults consume at least two portions of fish per week, one of which should be oily. This equates to around 250mg of EPA and DHA per day. However, if you are pregnant you will need an extra 200mg of DHA per day, to support foetal development, which you may wish to consume via supplements. This is because too much oily fish can contain dangerous amounts of pollutants which could harm a developing foetus. All MINAMI Kids products have tailored Omega-3 levels for children of all ages.

What are EPA and DHA and what do they do?
EPA and DHA are the most biologically important Omega 3s which are both involved in maintaining healthy cell membranes. EPA has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory actions in the body and optimum levels may reduce to the risk of degenerative diseases and early death. EPA has also been shown to maintain a healthy mood and people with low levels of this essential fatty acid may suffer from anxiety and depression. DHA is the developmental omega 3, which is required for the growth and function of the brain and eyes. It is essential during gestation and throughout our lives for good cognitive and visual health.

How can children benefit from EPA?
There is scientific evidence which suggests that EPA supports the development of our white matter in our brains. This area is involved in concentration, mood and our behaviour. Children with lower levels of this fatty acid are more likely to have behavioural conditions such as ADHD and supplementing children with EPA who have this condition, has been shown to improve their attention and vigilance.

How can I test my Omega 3 levels?
There is a straightforward non-invasive finger-prick blood test that can accurately measure the level of Omega 3 in your blood (your Omega 3 index). Inadequate levels are defined as a score of 4 and below and this may significantly increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and other degenerative conditions.

What other ingredients are used in Minami products?
Other than fish oils our products contain vitamins and other active ingredients including, turmeric, resveratrol, pycnogenol, COQ10 and garlic. We pride ourselves in using branded nutraceuticals, which are supported by scientific evidence to ensure that products are not only high quality, but are also effective too.

Who could benefit from Minami products?
Infants and children one year and over, prenatal, pregnant and lactating women, sports people and those with active lifestyles, vegans and vegetarians, those with heart or cholesterol problems, the elderly, those concerned about beauty and anti-aging, people who suffer from low mood, people who consume little or no oily fish in their diet.

Where can I find out more about Minami?
Visit www.minamihealth.co.uk

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