New issue of Dear Doctor with Dr Chris Steele out now!

Keep your family in optimium health this winter with the new issue of Dear Doctor magazine!

This issue is all about getting to know your personal health. Take control and learn how to make good decisions to ensure you’re living at an optimum level – be  it in body, mind or general wellbeing. Get everything from tips on protecting yourself from nasty cold and flu bugs that creep up on us as the weather gets colder, to straight-talking tips on improving the quality of your life with a healthy diet. Plus, if you need some motivation to help you stp smoking, we’ve got a list of benefits so inspiring you’ll be gearing up to kick the habit!

Take the time to get familiar with how your body looks and feels so you can detect signs of disease before it develops. Use our expert guides to spot the early symptoms of prostate, breast and skin cancer; additionally, find information on vital screening for both men and women. Keep your body fighting fit with help on how to maintain a health heart and find out how to build strong bones to ward off the onset of osteoporosis.

Don’t let disability limit yur freedom – find ways to stay mobile with expert help on how to adapt your home and motor vehicle to get you moving around more easily and living life to the full.

We’re also on the frontline of fertility, revealing the very latest in IVF treatments and, with babies in mind, we’ve got guidance on everything from the landmark stages of pregnancy, to vital vaccinations, as well as what to look out for during your baby’s first six months – we’re with you every step of the way.

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