New ‘bleisure’ travel trend emerges

Mixing business with leisure becomes common as the lines between work and leisure time become blurred

A term coined by The Future Laboratory, “bleisure” describes the blending of business and leisure, as more travellers extend their professional visit with a leisure trip, and bring family or friends with them to enjoy the facilities and culture of their destination. This development represents a new type of work-related travel, one where guests have increased flexibility to relax and fulfil their personal needs as well as their professional requirements.

With 6.7 million adults prolonging their business trip in 2009, the trend looks set to continue, and with 70 per cent of these travellers remaining in the same hotel for an extended trip, hotels are updating and adapting to suit the new “bleisure” customer.
Boutique design hotels are replacing the drab minimalism of old rooms with multifunctional spaces linked together by wireless technology.

With the incorporation of spa features into bathroom fixtures and a growing availability of in-room wellness services, business no longer has to be something you do in order to pay for leisure.

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