Naturally Healthy for Life – All You Need to Know About Phytoceuticals

What are phytoceuticals and what are their health benefits? We asked the experts from Alchemlife to explain the science behind their Phytoadvance technology

What is Phytoadvance technology and what are its benefits?

The chemical composition of a plant may vary based on several factors; these include agricultural factors (soil, sunshine, harvesting, watering, fertilisers, etc.), processing and storage conditions, etc.

It is essential to analyse the content of a medicinal plant with specific tests. If we use a medicinal plant for its healing benefits, either the crude herb or its extract, we need to know the concentration of active components.

This is the most crucial point for beneficial effects. Standardisation is the key to rational phytotherapy.

In order to provide this, the plants must be analysed, starting from the agricultural conditions, throughout all processing steps.

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“PhytoAdvance Technology” is a system that ensures the herbal extracts in standardised quality from the field to the people. Therefore, people should notice the registered code is given just after the name of the herbal extract; i.e. turmeric G311. This means that the active component curcuminoids in turmeric are adjusted to the certain in-house limits; and provide clinically tested results.

Are Phytoadvance products suitable for everyone?

PhytoAdvance products are suited for all starting age of 12.

What ingredients are used in Alchemlife products and how are they sourced and extracted?

Nature has created extremely complex vegetal organisms with extraordinary health attributes. Through thousands of years of learning and experiences, we, humans, locally and globally, have been learning how to use this wonderful natural laboratory and transmit this knowledge to their descendants. To gather this extraordinary knowledge from the plants and from ancestral cultures, our sourcing team at Alchemlife spend time travelling around the world, so we can pick the best plants which have the specific nutrients needed for our supplements.

We believe nature offers the best solutions to healthcare and well-being need. Our products are free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals. Instead, we use flower and root extracts, each one carefully selected and orchestrated to work with your body’s own systems. With respect for the earth we believe in protecting our farms and building fair trade partnerships to bring you the best nature has to offer.

What are the benefits of Phytorelief and who should use it?

The ‘Phyto-actives’ of Ginger, Turmeric & Pomegranate in the Phytorelief lozenge work together to help support the onset of cold, cough or flu related symptoms.

This is done by enhancing the body’s natural immunity against bacteria and viruses build-up in the body. Phytorelief helps significantly support the body’s first line of defence against infection in your saliva.

The saliva in your mouth serves as the first line of defence that protects your body against viral and bacterial infections. This is because saliva contains ‘Lysozyme’ which are immunity building enzymes that fight off viral and bacterial infections.

Zingiber extract is a well-known sialagogue (a compound that increases salivation), and the increase of salivation containing high amount of lysozyme (an antimicrobial enzyme) makes the difference.

Phytorelief can be used by anyone who wishes to support their immune system and respiratory tract and protect your body from viruses.

With the flu season upon us, coming up, what Alchemlife products should I use?

During flu season we recommend PhytoRelief to support your immune system and respiratory tract. For those who suffer with joint pain, we suggest they try our FlexiQule Oil Rub – 100% natural.

What are the ingredients and benefits of PhytoCid?

PHYTOCID is a natural digestive support, containing a unique blend of concentrated “Phyto-Actives” of Turmeric and Ginger.

With PhytoCid, the active ingredients actually stimulate the proper enzymes and help your stomach digest naturally – on its own. So it is not the supplement that is acting but your own digestive system.

Turmeric is known to increase bile flows and relieve indigestion symptoms such as fullness or flatulence, and Ginger has been shown to have gastroprotective effects as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What are the ingredients and benefits of FlexiQule caps and oil rub?

FlexiQule oil and capsules help to maintain joint function, mobility and flexibility by harnessing the combined benefits of two powerful natural active ingredients Boswellia and Ginger extracts. Both have been clinically tested.

Boswellia and Ginger extracts are unique to FlexiQule Caps and are produced in-house utilizing proprietary extraction processes that capture and retain the wide spectrum of actives and micronutrients found in these medicinal herbs.

FlexiQule Oil Rub is made from 100 % natural ingredients:

  • 100% natural ingredients – Lavender, Ginger, Boswellia and Piperine
  • Lavender helps with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
  • Topical application of Ginger is found to be helpful in pain relief of osteoarthritis patients
  • Boswellia inhibits MMP enzymes that prevent
  • Piperine helps decreasing the rate of cartilage degeneration

What is the background and history of Alchemlife?

AlchemLife is a brand of Alchem International, which was founded in 1935.
Three generations old, privately owned, leading manufacturers of phytoceuticals-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). One of the pioneers in the Phytoceuticals industry.

U.S. FDA , GMP, WHO (World Health Organization), AFSSAPS Certified manufacturing facilities.

At AlchemLife when we say we are Naturally Healthy for Life; we are honouring more than 85 years of experience in using science and nature to provide healthcare solutions while also recognising the impact we have the potential to make.

We are committed to providing quality products underpinned by our core values of optimum efficacy and safety. As an organisation we are dedicated to the research and development of natural food supplements and medicines that support and optimize human health during life’s journey.

How can I find out more about Alchemlife products?

Find out more about AlchemLife products on
Find out more about PhytoRelief on

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