Natural Wound Care and Faster Healing for Children

Conventional wound care methods for children, for example creams or sticky dressings, can be difficult to apply and can have side-effects such as irritation, itchiness and inflammation. We’ll be exploring how to heal your little one’s wounds faster, and the benefits of adding natural wound care treatments to your first aid box at home.

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We all know that children are injury prone– as they explore and familiarise themselves with new environments, minor injuries are inevitable. As a parent, you get used to dealing with the scrapes and cuts that are the result of falls and bumps.

Children are normally pretty quick to heal, as they move on to the next adventure, but what can we do to aid the process, make it easier, faster and an overall better experience? The first principle is that a covering a wound keeps out dirt and impurities to help it heal faster. By preventing infection and the deepening of the original wound the skin can safely heal. 

The first step to treating any wound, big or small, is to stop the bleeding, which can be done by adding pressure to the site of the wound with a towel or another clean material. After the bleeding has stopped, you can commence cleaning and dressing the wound.  Before you start ensure your hands have been thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial hand gel or soap.

Once your hands are clean and dry, you can flush out any debris on the surface of the wound with fresh water.  When the area is clean, softly pat dry the area with a clean towel. Avoid using cotton balls to dry the wound as the tiny cotton strands can stick to the wound and may cause irritation and infection. 

The final step is to dress the wound with a plaster or a bandage to keep it covered and protected from impurities. As easy as that may sound, this can be the trickiest part… enter PATCH, a perfectly safe and natural plaster solution. 

The Natural Wound Care Alternative

Conventional wound care solutions can cause adverse or allergic reactions in children with sensitive skin. Irritations to wound care are common and allergic reactions can manifest as red, inflamed and itchy skin.

In an era when we should be more aware of the chemicals and synthetic materials which can affect our skin and immune system, we sometimes give little thought to the ingredients of first aid products. The same health diligence and caution should apply when we are picking out our wound care and should be aware of what we are putting on the skin. To make a better choice you should look for natural, organic, hypoallergenic products that are planet friendly, compostable and fully biodegradable. 


PATCH’s journey began in late 2015, after PATCH founder, James Dutton’s youngest son had an adverse allergic reaction to a common wound care product. James Dutton discovered that over 20% of global market had irritations or reactions towards the componentry used in normal wound care products. Subsequently, he created PATCH, a natural and safe alternative to commercial wound care. PATCH provides the global market with a new, hypoallergenic solution that is ideal for all skin types with huge environmental benefits including being 100% plastic free. It was imperative for PATCH that all the materials they sourced were sustainably grown, farmed and tested to ensure organic, compostable & biodegradable requirements were met.

PATCH strip plasters are a world-first natural certified sterile class 1 medical device that are fully hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, they are 100% plastic, silicone, latex & paraben free, and are made with soft, organic bamboo fabric and gauze. The specialised adhesive is made from a combination of natural minerals and nano technology (think tiny suction cups) to gently adhere to the skin without causing reactions.

Find out more and discover the difference at and be sure to follow us on Instagram @PatchStrips_UK .

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