How to Empower Your Wellbeing With Natural Supplements

Can naturally sourced supplements improve both your wellbeing and your natural beauty? We asked Tara Barton, Founder and MD of Birch & Wilde

Birch & Wilde is an award-winning brand of natural beauty and wellness supplements founded in 2017. The company’s mottoes, ‘Empower Your Wellbeing’ and ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’ sum up its core values – but founder Tara Barton says that the real source of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing comes from a combination of simple and sustainable ingredients, and the integrity and clinical value of the products.

“Combining the best science and clinical evidence with amazing natural ingredients, we created each of our game-changing supplements with one goal in mind” says Tara: “To support beauty and wellness from the inside out; truly empowering your wellbeing and confidence.”

The Birch & Wilde philosophy is reflected in its sustainably sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, beautiful design and excellent quality – the company always aims to be ethical and eco-conscious, as well as addressing health and wellbeing issues.

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Ingredients in current Birch & Wilde products include:

Pure Naticol Marine Collagen for skin, beauty and ageing. The high purity of Birch & Wilde’s marine collagen makes it ideal for the best absorption and highest levels of benefit to skin, hair, nails, joints, bones, ligaments and gut health.

Organic Ashwagandha KSM-66 for stress, sleep and anxiety – this root-only extract is natural way to help reduce stress and anxiety, used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and now with the backing of modern science.

Immunity Complex with all seven essential vitamins, added probiotics, minerals and herbal and botanical extracts for healthy immune system function and gut health.

Vitamin B Complex with added Vitamin C, Inositol, Choline and PABA, in their most absorbable form for increased energy levels, a stronger immune system, improved memory and cognitive function, stronger, healthier hair and skin, reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression; and to fight the signs of ageing and promote tissue recovery.

D-Mannose with Cranberry Extract for urinary and gut health, as recommended by NICE for NHS England for self-care of UTIs and Cystitis.

And there are more products to come in the areas of brain health, memory and cognition, skin, beauty and ageing, male and female hormone support, gut health and immunity.


Tara Barton describes Birch & Wilde supplements as “The ultimate, natural way to support and empower your wellbeing – sustainably sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, beautiful design and excellent quality mean that Birch & Wilde is both ethical and eco-conscious. We stand by our standards of excellence and quality so that you can confidently buy each of our products and feel great.”

The Birch & Wilde “wellbeing revolution” starts here!

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