Modern Windows and the Technology Revolution

From acoustic glazing to aluminium cladding, new technology is bringing amazing benefits to windows. The experts from Hugo Carter tell us how

What are the advantages of modern windows?
Thanks to the fast changing technology, the modern windows are going through a renaissance. Today you can design the modern windows to provide not only thermal efficiency but also a wide range of added benefits, such as noise reduction, solar control, security, privacy and automation, etc

How much energy saving could I make with modern windows?
The opportunities are endless and Germany and Scandinavia are the market leaders in building the most thermally efficient windows, with U value below 0.6 W/m2K. These windows are designed to be used in passive houses, which are ultra-low energy buildings.

What different types of glazing are available?
Since the double glazing revolution in the 80s people wrongly assumed that nothing else beats it. The reality cannot be any further from the truth. Double glazing is helpful for the thermal efficiency but nowadays there are many different types of glazing to meet even the most extravagant expectations.

Acoustic glazing, reducing the noise by 55dB, security glazing, bullet or blast proof glazing, even vacuum glazing, where distance between the glass is 0.2mm and because of the vacuum created in this cavity, it offers U value of 1.1 W/m2K.

What different types of window designs are available?
Modern window design make the traditional windows, such as sash or casement much more effective. It also evolves and new design solutions become available. The UK sees an increase of inward opening windows, which are the most popular type in continental Europe.

What materials are available?
Typically you have timber, aluminium and plastic available as the main materials for manufacturing windows. However the aluminium cladded timber hybrids are gaining popularity.

Can I have new windows designed to match a period home?
Absolutely. New windows, are designed in the way to match period homes, even in conservation areas, while delivering exceptional thermal efficiency, security and noise reduction.

Are modern windows made in an environmentally friendly way?
Apart from the plastic, both timber and aluminium windows are almost fully recyclable and the manufacturing process is also much more ecologically friendly.

Can I get bespoke fittings for my new windows and doors?
In UK majority of windows and doors are bespoke, which means they are designed to fit accurately the existing opening.

What is the history and ethos of Hugo Carter?
Since Hugo Carter was established in 2010 we have embarked on a mission to truly transform people’s lives through their living environment. In order to achieve this we have developed unrivalled quality product and service while maintaining the highly ethical standards.

The success of our award winning range of noise reduction windows called ‘Silent Windows’ and the excellent rating across all review sites is the best testimony to the effectiveness of our approach.

Where can I find out more about Hugo Carter?
You can learn more about Hugo Carter and our Silent Windows from our websites:

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