Mission: Impossible’s Dramatic Fjord Locations

“Norway’s scale and beauty have left an indelible and defining imprint on our film and reminded us that anything is possible”, said director Christopher McQuarrie after shooting one of the biggest stunts in history of film. Now travellers can explore the dramatic fjord scenery from Mission: Impossible in the footsteps of Tom Cruise.

It’s no coincidence that blockbuster films and series such as Mission: Impossible, James Bond and Succession have all chosen the Norwegian fjords as the backdrop for their productions. On 12 July, Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning premiered in cinemas all over the world – a film in which Tom Cruise himself performs one of the biggest stunts in film history.

“This is far and away is the most dangerous thing we’ve ever attempted”, says director Christopher McQuarrie in the documentary he made about his own film.

The Epic Stunt in Hellesylt

The seventh Mission: Impossible film has received particular attention for the breakneck stunt where Cruise, riding a motorbike at full speed, thunders towards the edge of the 1,246-meter-high Helsetkopen mountain in Hellesylt, hits a ramp and plunges down the mountainside. The motorbike crashes to the ground, but the action hero flies through the air before his parachute opens.

Tom Cruise had to practice 500 skydives and 13,000 motorcycle jumps to be able to do the stunt at Helsetkopen. © 2023 Paramount Pictures

“It all comes down to one thing, the audience”, said Tom Cruise, who did the stunt himself after practicing with 500 skydives and 13,000 motorcycle jumps for this particular stunt.

Other dramatic scenes from the film is when the Kylling bridge on Rauma Railway, not far from Åndalsnes, is blown up. You can also see the spectacular fjord view from the Romsdalen gondola – also in Åndalsnes.

In the Footsteps of Famous Actors

Major productions such as James Bond, MI7, Black Widow, Succession and Dune have generated enormous interest in Fjord Norway as a destination for travelers. Several local companies are now offering both guided and slef guided tours in the footsteps of the world famous actors.

– The fact that the fjords are used as backdrops says something about how spectacular this landscape is. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been chosen for productions of this calibre. Many people discover Fjord Norway as a result of films like Mission: Impossible, says Anne van Oorschot, busy travel designer and the owner of Norway Adventures.

Norway Adventures are now offering hikes and other activities on a film inspired tour. Photo: Simon Sjøkvist/visitalesund

The company, which for the most part offers tailormade outdoor adventure tours in the fjord region, began producing its own film-inspired tours as the landscape started appearing in major and renowned films and series. Using their local knowledge, their goal is to offer tours where people can have a fun experience without having to organize the practicalities of the trip.

“You can walk in the footsteps of Tom Cruise and other great actors from films and series. We have good local knowledge and know the stories from when the actors were here during the filming. It allows us to offer tours that make our guests almost feel like they’re in the film”, van Oorschot says.

The “Mission Impossible 7 Filming Locations Tour” offers you an adrenaline-packed tour in Hellesylt – not far from Ålesund where they filmed. The tour includes bike hire, rafting and accommodation at several unique and Instagram friendly places.”

After all, this is where the action is, and we use our local knowledge to create experience-filled tours in this unique Norwegian scenery. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that even Tom Cruise was impressed”, says van Oorschot.

In the Mission Impossible 7 Filming Locations Tour you can walk in the footsteps of Tom Cruise and other famous actors. Photo: Simon Sjøkvist/visitalesund

Small Village, Massive Attention

The large film and series productions that were shot in Fjord Norway have given many small rural communities unusually large amount of attention. It has created both pride and opportunities for the local population and businesses.

“The fact that parts of Mission: Impossible 7 were filmed in Hellesylt has created much more attention for this small village close to the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord. We can now offer even more experiences in Hellesylt, thanks to the filming, and the fact that we now receive more requests from guests who have heard of the place and want to experience activities here”, says Helge Karbø at 62ºNORD Adventures, which offers kayaking, biking and mountain tours in , among other places, Hellesylt.

Blockbusters in Fjord Norway

The latest Mission: Impossible film isn’t the only film or series that has used the magnificent fjord landscape as a backdrop in recent years. Films such as James Bond – No Time to Die, Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson, the science fiction film Dune and the sixth Mission: Impossible film were all shot in Fjord Norway. Below is an overview of some of the highlights:

Succession, season 4

Fjord Norway is the perfect destination for fans of the popular HBO series Succession. In this series, the children of the extremely wealthy Logan Roy compete to inherit his successful company Waystar Royco. The series was filmed at various locations in Norway. In Fjord Norway, the breathtaking Geirangerfjord and the picturesque Art Nouveau architecture in Ålesund served as the backdrop. Follow in the Roys’ footsteps and dine at Eggen Restaurant, with its amazing views. The Roy children also pass the Atlantic Road, the Trollstigen road and the Geirangerfjord.

Mission Impossible 6

After filming parts of two productions in Fjord Norway, the creators of Mission Impossible really fell in love with Fjord Norway. Mission Impossible 6 features scenes of Tom Cruise hanging from a cliff. This scene was filmed at the Preikestolen Pulpit Rock in Ryfylke – near the city of Stavanger in the southern part of Fjord Norway. The Pulpit Rock can be seen from the Lysefjord. For large parts of the year you can reach this area on foot, either with or without a guide. This is perhaps the most dramatic scene from MI6.

James Bond – No Time to Die

We had to wait a while, but two years after its original release date, the latest James Bond film finally hit cinemas. It was the 25th Bond film, and the fifth and final film in which actor Daniel Craig plays the role of James Bond. The fjord landscape also played a beautiful role, with the spectacular Atlantic Road being the perfect location for a nerve-racking car chase. The filmmaker made good use of the winding road to build excitement. Since it’s a through road, you can drive the Atlantic Road, which is just north of Ålesund – just like 007!


Ragnarok is a popular Netflix series about a small Norwegian town that is heavily polluted and threatened by a melting glacier. The series was filmed at various locations in the Hardangerfjord area, south of Bergen. The region is known for its beautiful landscape, including Folgefonna glacier, which is a great place to explore. Locations from the film are Odda, Ullensvang and Lufthus. Odda is a small town and is a popular starting point for hiking to Trolltunga – ‘the troll’s tongue’.

Black Widow

The famous actress Scarlett Johansson has also travelled to Fjord Norway, specifically to the Hjørundfjord and Sæbø – south of the town of Ålesund. It’s where her character in the film, Natasha Romanoff, goes into hiding. There’s a special guided tour that takes you to the beautiful locations from the film, where you can enjoy pristine Norwegian nature. The tour is perfect for those wanting to travel sustainably, as you can travel by public transport. You can of course also visit the locations without a guide.


The beautiful Norwegian coastline on Stadlandet, four hours south of Ålesund, with its sea cliffs and white beaches, serves as the backdrop for the 2021 film Dune. The film’s lead character Timothée Chalamet walks on a beach in Stadlandet, which on that occasion was his home planet Caladan. Take a walk along the beach and picture yourself on the set of Dune. Just south of Stadlandet you will also find Kinnaklova, an impressively split mountain that also plays a role in the film. In addition to Stadlandet, a visit to the nearby Vestkapp is recommended. The coast here rises 500 meters above sea level and guarantees a beautiful view.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Although almost the entire magical world around the famous wizard Harry Potter is located in England and Wales, one of the scenes was filmed in Norway. The Rauma Railway between Bjorli and Åndalsnes in Fjord Norway served as the backdrop for the Hogwarts Express train journey through the snow landscape in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), the sixth movie in the series. The Rauma Railway runs throughout the year, so you can experience for yourself what it’s like to travel through this landscape. HBO has recently announced that it will produce a new Harry Potter series. Who knows, maybe Fjord Norway will be offered a role this time as well?

Trolls on Netflix

The Norwegian disaster film Troll offers an entertaining look at Norwegian folklore about trolls. Director Roar Uthaug returned to his home country to bring the mythical creatures to life. The film is largely set in the uninhabited part of Eastern Norway, but a number of scenes were also shot in the town of Ullsteinvik in Fjord Norway. The amazing Norwegian landscape plays a major role in Troll. The film follows the story of a giant troll that threatens Oslo, as well as palaeontologist Nora Tidemann, Anders and Kris Holm’s attempts to stop the troll.

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