Millions of women wear the wrong bra size

Over half the population of women think they are wearing the correct bra for their shape

However, it is thought that 80 percent of British women are thought to be wearing the wrong bra size and need to get fitted.

According to Smud Nassim, master bra fitter at Tulips Lingerie, the importance of a well fitting bra cannot be overstated. ‘The bra you wear will affect your appearance, your confidence and your comfort,’ he said.

Most women just buy their lingerie and hope for the best because they are daunted by the maths involved in measuring the correct size. To add to this confusion many retailers size their bras differently, resulting in straps that are too tight or a cup size which is too small.

A popular misconception is that cup size relates to the size of your breasts. ‘It doesn’t,’ Mr Nassim corrects.

He explains, ‘It measures the size of your breasts relative to the size of your chest. The size DD has become synonymous with someone who has large breasts, but that is not strictly correct. Someone with a size 34DD will actually have similar sized breasts to someone with a size 38C, or even a 42A.’

The right size bra can also make you look slimmer. ‘A good bra will streamline your bosom from your waist giving you a great silhouette and can make you look slimmer in seconds and well worth taking the time to get fitted,’ Mr Nassim added.

Mr Nassim has provided some top tips to make sure you are wearing the correct size bra:

1. The band around your body should be firm but not tight

2. The band should not ride up the back

3. Under wires should lie flat against the rib cage and not dig in

4. Breasts should be comfortably enclosed in the cups and the fabric should lie flat on the breast giving a smooth line

5. There should be no bulges anywhere, even if you are wearing a balcony bra.

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