Milk intolerance in children

Milk intolerance in children is becoming more common, so say some British parents. Exactly half of them believe that intolerances to food and drink, particularly to milk and dairy, are becoming more common.

This data comes from new research from a2 Milk UK, a new and entirely natural British milk which helps to address a key form of milk intolerance. 

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However, despite many mums and dads saying that their kids had suffered from tummy troubles including bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhoea in the last six months, there is a lack of agreement about the cause of – and solution to – these symptoms.

This apparent confusion has prompted parents to take a variety of different actions to address the symptoms and get health tips without medical advice. One in five amended their child’s diet to remove food groups such as dairy that they felt were to blame – potentially depriving their children of vital nutrients and vitamins that are fundamental for growth and development. 

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Dr Hilary Jones, breakfast television doctor said: “Digestive complaints are clearly very common in children, but the a2 Milk research highlights that parents need more clarity on actions to take to address the symptoms. The best advice is, in any circumstance when mums and dads are unsure, visit a medical professional.

“Particularly concerning is the fact that certain food groups such as dairy may be removed from a child’s diet without a medical recommendation. Dairy is an important part of a balanced diet, especially for growing children. That’s why it’s great that new products such as a2 Milk are able to address some intolerances and still provide this vital nutrition.”

The gap between the number of children that had been diagnosed with a dairy allergy or milk intolerance, and the number that parents believed to have an allergy or intolerance suggests that there could be many other reasons for digestive complaints, one of which may be an intolerance to a protein in milk called ‘A1’.

a2 Milk comes from specially selected British dairy cows that produce milk with only ‘A2’ proteins – and no ‘A1’. a2 Milk is therefore a completely natural, and highly effective, answer to an A1 milk protein intolerance, but still with all the health benefits of regular milk.

a2 Milk recently launched in the UK, now available to buy all major supermarkets across the country. It is not suitable for anyone with a diagnosed milk allergy, galactosaemia or lactose intolerance.

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